Akikawa Seifu
Tough v09 c092 - 116
“When we ask George Mallory the mountaineer why did he want to climb Mount Everest he said because it exists. Then if we ask Barefooted Aki, The Warrior Akikawa Seifu. Why does he want to fight Miyazawa Seiko. He will respond because Miyazawa Seiko exists.”
Nickname The Mountaineer, Barefooted Aki
Origin Japan
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Debut (Manga) Tough Chapter 91:
Gender Male
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Fighting Style Judo
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Member of Team D


Three years ago after winning the world title Akikawa was physically and mentally I was at my best as he trained to win the gold medal at the Olympics. It was during this time that Akikawa was challenged by the Battle King. Thinking that judo was the absolutely #1 martial art Akikawa never even imagined a defeat but was completely demolished in an instant.

After his defeat he started training abandoning everything and disappearing without leaving a trace with nothing more then a claim that he received a message from god. For the past three years he has been climbing mountains.

At some point he was contacted by Dogen and joined Team D


Akikawa starting judo at a very young age, his victories both in the national and international scene have made him Japan’s #1 representative in the 81kg category.

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