An Unexpected Challenger
Volume 3, Chapter 28
Chapter 28 cover
English title An Unexpected Challenger
Series Koukou Tekkenden Tough
Release date September 19, 1994
New Characters Fujita
The One Who Inherits the Nadashinkage
The Father's Destiny, the Son's Destiny
An Unexpected Challenger is the twenty-eight chapter in the Koukou Tekkenden Tough manga, and the twenty-eighth chapter in the series.


Kiichi tells his friends, that his dad is treating him to a kings dinner, and taking him to a wrestling match. Fujita is then seen, wrestling another wrestler and loosing. Fujita then goes to his locker room, and decides to leave, after abusing his manager. Fujita then hears two men talking about him and states that wrestling is just a show, in which Fujita responds by smashing a beer bottle, using very impressive strength. Fujita then takes a brick and hitting his manager, Funada. His second shot, however is blocked by Seiko. After being goaded by Fujita to attack him, Seiko uses his full powered kick, and literally breaks Fujita's arm. Kiichi and Seiko then run away. Seiko explains to Kiichi if he hadn't kicked Fujita as hard as he could have, he would probably been in trouble. Funada is then seen, having followed Seiko and Kiichi, asking them to fight against him.



Story NotesEdit

  • Fujita is seen loosing another match.
  • Fujita is tired of being the looser of matches, and takes it out on Funada.
  • Fujita begins to show two men how strong wrestlers are, by crushing a beer bottle with his head, and even hitting Funada with a brick.
  • Seiko steps in and stops the violence, and ends up kicking Fujita at full power, breaking his arm.
  • Seiko runs with Kiichi, and explains to him that he knows the fear of a wrestler, and if he hadn't kicked Fujita at full power he might have been in trouble, fighting-wise.
  • Funada confronts Seiko and Kiichi, not even bleeding from the shot with the brick, wanting to fight against Seiko and Kiichi.


All characters in bold are new to the story.

  1. Kiichi Miyazawa
  2. Ishige
  3. Moriyan
  4. Fujita
  5. Koji Funada
  6. Seiko Miyazawa


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