Andou Yumeji
Island guy (8)
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Origin Japan
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Gender Male
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Fighting Style Yugen Shinkage Ryu, Mama Ryuutai Jutsu
Family Unnamed father (deceased)
Andou Yumeji is the spiritual leader of the temple on Onikuijima No Tengu


To Andou the Tengu is more then just a teacher he is like a father to him as well as a god so the fact that he shows so much interest in kichi angered him greatly.



Island guy (12)
When Andou was in junior high he accidentally killed his father and this eventually led him to the Onikuijima No Tengu. After training with Kusakabe Kakugo Andou was able to dissolve some of his darkness and find a way to heal himself. it is because of this that Andou sees Kakugo not just as a teacher but more of a father figure.

Onikuijima No TenguEdit

Andou Yumeji saved kichi when he wondered into one of the traps meant to catch wildlife. After informing Kichi he didn’t know who kakugo was and that the Tengue went to the village of Shyo he allowed Kichi to stay until his master came back. Though Andou warned him of the harsh training they go through.

It is revealed that the Tengu was on the island and Andou assured him that Kichi would leave after a day of going through their harsh training.

The next day he challenged Kichi to the Vision of Carnage that trainees of the island regularly go through. At the Eagles Beak unlike all the other trainees who used the chain he climbed down with his bare hands. Kichi stubbornly attempted to follow him and nearly fell causing Andou to stop to guide Kichi down. When they reached the Slippery Ant Kichi once again stubbornly jumped down the cliff. Though he nearly died he did make it down first and left to continue the race. Since Andou is the only one of the trainees to ever make it to the forest let alone all four stages he easily catches up and informs him of the forest illusionary effects

He once again made himself known when Kichi made it to the Endless Swamp to inform him how to get past it. This time he showed his prescience to show Kichi the third way to get past the swamp by walking on top of the floating lotus leaves. By the time Kichi made it to the finish line Andou was already holding the tag. Kichi refusing to leave without the tag challenged him to a fight. Wanting to know what the Tengu saw in Kichi he accepted.

Despite proving to be the more powerful of the two Kichi refused to go down causing Andou to see him as a treat to the tengu. As he moved in to eliminate this treat Kichi defeated him with the Gentotsu. Kichi was passed out for a day when he woke up andou was there and conceded his lost informed him the name of the Tengu and as the winner he took Kichi to go see him. After discovering that the Tengu had already left Kichi offered to take Andou with him. However he chose to stay on the island as he felt that he was not yet strong enough to leave


Andou Yumeji is a Buddhist warrior priest trained by Kusakabe Kakugo. While not up to the standards of the Tengu his kicking skills are absolutely flawless. Kichi couldn’t even follow his speed with his eyes and behind each kick he puts his full body weight. He has such control over his body that he is able to get across a swamp by jumping on top of the lotus leaves floating in it.

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