Anthony Genovese
Tough vol18 ch188 060
Nickname AB Brothers
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Debut (Manga) Tough 182
Gender Male
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Family Bruno Genovese (Brother)

The Genovese clan twins, a Sicilian family who has been doing assassinations for over a century


Crazy is a word made for the AB Brothers; they take care of people like one would throw away a rotten pizza.


The AB Brothers were hired by Don Gambino to kill Kiryu. Unfortunately they ended up accidentally killing an innocent man after mistaking him for their target. Once this was discovered the two found out that Kiryu had escaped to Vegas the followed him finally finding him as he was training Kichi at the Hoover dam and shot him with a bazooka.

Seeing that he was still alive Anthony jumped down to confront him but was instantly defeated. Furious Bruno attacked Kiryu with a multitude of grenades but was stopped by Kichi. Bruno ended up being knocked out by Son-O before his head could explode

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