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“Just with his rapacious stare he intimidates his opponent and the second that same opponent feels his fear. He pulverizes his opponent with a single punch”
Nickname The Magnificent
Origin America
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Debut (Manga) Koukou Tekkenden Tough Chapter 236:
Gender Male
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Fighting Style Boxing
Family Mister K (Adopted Father)

Helena (Ex-Wife)

It’s been said that Barkley’s punching power is a gift straight from god he is the king of kings, the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world.</p>



Barkley was born in New York, the son of a drug addicted hooker. By age seven, he had already mugged someone, at the age of ten; he had already gotten someone pregnant. At the age of thirteen he attacked a bunch of cops it was during this time that Mister K came across him.

Boxing Career Edit

T.D.K Edit

After beating his wife of three months after he found out she was cheating on him he was ordered by the courts to pay a hundred million dollars in compensation. He ended up joining the T.D.K to get the money.  He ended fighting in the second match against Chosho.

Barkley ended up losing by triangle choke at 12 minutes 31 seconds.

Post MatchEdit

Furious at his loss the NWB commissioners banned Barkley from ever getting back in the ring. He ended up with a broken ulna in his forearm, torn ligaments in his right knee and a damaged kneecap.

But overall Barkley got off pretty lucky as Mister K cut off all ties with him and since it was a very clean break his bones ended up healing in no time allowing him to join other boxing federations


Barkley is said to be the hardest puncher in human history even since he was a child, Barkley received a blow so hard that he was able to hit several policemen without getting hurt, even since he was a child he had a destructive right hook since he sent a policeman to fly against the window of the car of Mister K.. He is the heavyweight champion of the world and the current holder of the championship belt in every major international federation and the undisputed champion.. His destructive right hook that is said to be able to generate 1.4 tons of pressure leading to the myth that god himself lives in that devastating punch of his.

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