Bull Mashida
Tough c293 (9)
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Origin Japan
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Debut (Manga) Tough Chapter 277
Gender Male
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Fighting Style Wrestling
Family Unnamed child

Bull Mashida is a fictional character from manga series of Tough.


Bull mainly relies mainly on little more than his strength so is easily frustrated and quick to attack when things don’t go his way making him come across as a bully. However he is also a bit of a coward as he while he won’t back down from a fight from a stronger opponent he will give up quickly once he proves to be no match for them while at the same time being incredibly vicious to those who are weaker than him. After learning that he had a child and receiving training from Kichi Bull has matured extensively.


Height 192cm

Weight 140kg


2 years ago while an up and coming fighter Bull Mashida was little more then a violent drunk frustrate at his inability to gain recognition took it out on his girlfriend. After a particularly violent attack she finally left him. Since then he joined Booker Zero’s management company causing him to become a bigger name then he ever thought he would.

Tough c278 (2)
Bull challenged Kichi to a street fight as defeating the

winner of the Hyper Battle Tournament would raise his name. While Kichi was surprised by his strength he quickly choked him out. Upon regaining conscious he followed Kichi home and challenged him again. However Oton was able to distract him by offering him dinner. He then informed them that it was Booker Zero who came up with the idea for him to show off his strength.

The next day he informed Booker Zero that he lost who was furious so to get Bull back into the game he had him challenge another champion Shiyachi Yamajuzou to a street fight only this time with a camera crew present.

Bull didn’t expect Shiyachi to be such a monster and he ended up having his front teeth knocked out and being mercilessly beaten. Afterward he realized that he had been set up to up Shiyachi’s profile he went to get his money since his medical bills had started to pile up. Unfortunately Booker refused to pay him. However he did give him a conselation prize informing him that the video of his fight went viral creating a lot of interest in a rematch between the two. Told that if he wanted to fight Shiyachi he would have to work out to the fullest and even that might not be enough.  Bull began training in the mountains with Kichi.

During his training with Kichi Bull’s ex girlfriend called

him and told him that he had a son. Taking a break he went to
Tough c279 (17)
see her and while

he admitted that while at this time he didn’t think he could be a good father he would try to make it work. She however refused to take him back. She only told him of the child because she felt he had the right to know, but she still hadn’t forgiven him for what he had done. Even after he told her the had long since stopped drinking she was still terrified of him going so far as to call him an ogre.

After hearing this Bull accepted that he wasn’t worthy of being a father and apologized.

Before his match Bull was approached by Booker who ordered him to throw to fight as he saw it as nothing more then a promotion to Shiyachi and a chance to get Kichi. Bull flat out refused stating that Kichi will only be used to make him stronger. Booker threatened to not only fire him but ruin his livelihood if he didn’t throw the fight.

When Bull finally met Shiyachi in the Monster Wars Shiyachi ended up dominating the match at first his middle kick giving Bull flashbacks of the time they first met. However he refused to accept defeat and started to get serious unfortunately it still proved to be not enough. Not willing to let all that work be for nothing Bull fought on and continued to push Shiyachi. No matter how many times he was knocked down Bull kept getting up. The fight seemed to be turned around when Bull was able to perform the Kyogan Gaeshi and then went into a full pounding rage. Despite the pounding the ref didn’t stop the fight. Shiyachi turned to match around again when he places Bull in a leg lock.

Still Bull refused to give up and stomped on Shiyachi’s face who acknowledged Bull’s strength by returned the favor as he switched positions, but Bull was able to get out. The two eventually forsook skill and started traded punches. Eventually the ref was forced to stop the fight Even though Shiyachi won Bull left the stadium to the cheers of the crowd. After the match he went to go see his ex and saved her from one of her neighbors who attacked her because her baby was crying. Afterwards he left but she stopped him seeing that he was truly trying to change she agreed to let Bull be in his child’s life.


Bull started wrestling in school and never lost a match. He made his professional debut in the Olympic and after that he went into the MMA and once again no real match was to be found as he was able to win 8 times inside that cage. However Bull’s fighting style isn’t really that flashy he is on the ground a lot and uses sheer force instead of actual skills to win matches as he is strong enough to pull a plane by himself.
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