Buzan Shinomura
Buzan Shinomura
Nickname Dragon, Orochi, Heavenly King of Death
Origin Japan
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Debut (Manga) Tough Chapter:
Gender Male
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Fighting Style Yugen Shinkage Ryu, Hebishitaken
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Buzan Shinomura is a fictional character from manga series of Tough. He is one of Yugen Shinkage Ryu ‘s Heavenly Kings of Death




Buzan has been in prison for trying to enter the country with drugs exceeding 500 grams causing him to be mistaken for a yakuza member and sentence to death. It was implied that he mainly did this out of boredom which also the reason why he stayed there. However when the 20th anniversary of the Heavenly Kings challenge started to come up he escaped prison by getting out of his straight jacket and killing the warden.  

Buzan challenged Kichi after he defeated rhino where he admitted that he didn’t care about the Yugen Style Successor process to the point where he even agreed to step down from the competition. All he cared about was getting a chance to fight Kichi. Kichi proved to be able to match his movements eventually getting him in to a Python Hold forcing him to bring out a move that even Gale didn’t know about. However Kichi was able to use his Monster Foot to get out of it forcing Buzan to finally get serious. He was eventually defeated with an Evolved Snake Grip


Buzan Shinomura has complete “Bone Control” this means that

his bones are similar to rubber allowing him to twist his body to the extreme like a real snake. He is also able to control his blood flow to a certain degree to decrease the impact of strikes. When this ability is combined with the Yugen Shinkage Ryu it makes him an incredibly deadly opponent truly deserves the title of king. Defensively he can easily slip through his opponents grip and disappear right before their eyes. While offensively he can curve his punches in mid motion which also are also to fast to be seen.

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