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Centipede Lock
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百足固め, Mukade Gatame
むかで がため
Fighting Style Nadashinkage-ryuu
User(s) Heizou Onikawa
Kiichi Miyazawa
Kintoki Miyazawa
Similar Centipede Roll

Centipede Lock (百足固め, Mukade Gatame) is a fighting move.


The ultimate leg lock technique and counter to the heel hook. It is either a move created by Kiichi's grandfather or another Nadashinkage technique. As it was revealed in chapter 129, that Kintoki instructed Onihei on the technique in order to teach it to Kiichi.

After opponent locks the heel hook user grabs there leg as they twist their body around before lifting their legs up in the air. Just like with striking ones guard is down then performing a Gyaku-Waka. However there is ten times more of a chance for the heel hook to be locked before user can start the Centipede Lock so they must grab opponents right leg the moment they grab user’s left.