Becoming a Star
Volume 1, Chapter 1
Chapter 1 cover
Kana スターになる
Romaji Sutā ni naru
Translation Becoming a star
New Characters Kiichi Miyazawa
Seiko Miyazawa
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Becoming a Star is the first chapter in the Koukou tekken-den tough manga, and the first chapter in the series.


Ishige is first seen buying Martial arts books, when he sees a boy named Kiichi Miyazawa being harassed by members of a gang. Although out numbered Kiichi is able to quickly subdue them without much effort. Kiichi friend, Moriyan, then warns him that Shimakin's gang has decided to kill him. Kiichi then officially meets Ishige, and decides to take him on as a friend, as Ishige wants to be as strong as him. Ishige is then beaten up again, only to be saved by Kiichi, although Kiichi berates him for being weak, and tells him to be strong. Ishige is then met with Shimakin himself who begins to beat him senseless, to give him the position of Kiichi, although Ishige refuses. Kiichi is then told by two of his fellow classmates that Ishige was taken by Shimakin. Kiichi then find Shimakin with his gang, and is challenged to a fight by Shimakin himself. Initially Shimakin thought he was far stronger the Kiichi, until Kiichi became serious, and was able to beat him in a single move, effectively ending the fight quickly. He and Ishige, are next seen walking to school having become closer then ever as friends.


Kiichi Miyazawa vs Shimakin

Story NotesEdit

  • Kiichi and Ishige first meet.
  • Ishige and Kiichi become friends.
  • Ishige shows how courageous he can be by not giving up Kiichi's location no matter how much he was tortured.
  • Kiichi beats Shimakin without much effort.


Note all characters in bold are new to the story

  1. Ishige
  2. Kiichi Miyazawa
  3. Kiichi's Grandpa
  4. Seiko Miyazawa
  5. Shimakin
  6. Moriyan



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