Volume 2, Chapter 10
Chapter 10 cover
Kana アスラ
Romaji Asura
Translation Asura
New Characters None
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The Real Inheritor
The Fists of Light and Darkness

Asura is the tenth chapter in the Koukou Tekken-den tough series, and the tenth chapter of the series.


Kiichi's attack on Mitsuhide continues and Mitsuhide is busted open, stumbling back. Kiichi then begins to attack Mitsuhide, eventually kicking him in the mouth and causing him to fall, making Kiichi believe he had won. Kiichi then tells his friends to get back as Mitsuhide has awakened, and begins to unleash a barrage of attacks, to which Kiichi is powerless to fight against. Kiichi tries to fight back, but is overpowered by Mitsuhide's pure power and instinct, resulting in Kiichi being knocked down to the ground, busted wide open from the mouth and head.


Kiichi Miyazawa vs Mitsuhide Kuroda

Story NotesEdit

  • Kiichi is able to overpower Mitsuhide momentarily
  • Mitsuhide's restriction on his raw talent and power is released.
  • Mitsuhide's pure power and instinct is able to take Kiichi down to the ground.


Note all characters in bold are new to the story

  1. Mitsuhide Kuroda
  2. Kiichi Miyazawa
  3. Ishige
  4. Moriyan
  5. Masakazu Naruse (Mentioned)



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