Volume 1, Chapter 2
Chapter 2 cover
Kana ハートビート
Romaji Hātobīto
Translation Heartbeats
New Characters Jiro
Osome brothers
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Heartbeats is the second chapter in Koukou tekken-den tough manga, and the second chapter in the series.


Moriyan gets into an argument with a man named Jiro who claims that he will fight him and even fight Kiichi, although his mindset quickly changes when he meets Kiichi face to face. He punches Kiichi in the face and then leaves. Kiichi then tells his friend Ishige, that Jiro wasn't worth fighting, as he prefers an opponent who can make his heart race. Jiro is then seen at a coffee shop where he is met with the Osome brothers who discover someone had ratted them out. They initially think it was Jiro but Jiro then blames Kiichi for it, and they soon find Kiichi at his home. They show Kiichi Jiro, who was in a bad state, and decides to take the blame, even though Jiro was actually the one who told on them in the first place. Kiichi proves himself to be stronger, and is able to take the big brother out easily, but the other proves a bit more clever and uses a knife to attack Kiichi. Kiichi is however able to defeat the other brother with a well placed kick to the knee, ending it without much of a problem. Jiro then thanks Kiichi thinking they have become friends.


Kiichi Miyazawa vs The Osome Brothers

Story NotesEdit

  • Jiro is first introduced.
  • It is revealed that Jiro was the one who outted the Osome Brothers.
  • The Osome brothers attack Kiichi, only to be defeated by him easily.
  • Jiro and Kiichi become friends, afterwards.


Note all characters in bold are new to the story

  1. Moriyan
  2. Jiro
  3. Kiichi Miyazawa
  4. Ishige
  5. Mr. Moriyan
  6. Osome brothers



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