Strength can only be gained through suffering.


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osho’s style is the personification of the Rat. It emphasizes swift footwork and rapid strikes.


A combat style that practices low stances and swift footwork, it is a combination of many different styled build around Shoot Fighting and then further enhanced by the School of Eiken.

Chosho’s purpose when learning Martial Arts was to eliminate the fear of death which Humanity fears the most and become a man without any weaknesses. For it’s by overcoming their fear of death that man can reach perfection. To that in no matter how badly he is beaten up, whether he is squashed or broken into to pieces, he always finds a way to stand up.

The most terrifying aspect of Chosho’s style is its ability to do joint locks as fast as you could throw a jab. Chosho has studied the human body to the very last detail. He’s learned and mastered 1500 different joint lock techniques. And after having fought against many other combat styles, the number of bones he has broken to this day is well over 3000. In addition to being able to destroy the human body within seconds he also has complete control over his body allowing him to fix fractures and even dislocate his joints with in seconds to avoid damage. For example by dislocating his jaw before impact he can negate the damage from a strike.

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