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Choushou new.png
朝昇, Chōshō
Nickname 3000 Bone Combatant
The Rat
Origin Japan
Debut (Anime) n/a
Debut (Manga) The Sage's Secrets
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Voice n/a
Fighting Style School of Eiken
Shoot Fighting
Family Unkou (Master)
Manabu (Former Coach)

Choushou (朝昇, Chōshō), his name is also often romanized as Chosho, is a fictional character from manga series of Koukou Tekkenden Tough and Tough. His real name is Noboru Asada (朝田昇, Asada Noboru), Choushou is basically just his pen name, a combination of his normal name characters to sound different than his common name.


With a bit of a sadistic side, Choushou is nonetheless one of Kiichi's best friends. Choushou believes that death is what human beings fear the most. Sure it's definitely when they're on death's doorstep that man turns to spirituality. All religions were created with the goal of overcoming one's fear of death. And that’s precisely his goal overcoming this fear of death and become a man without any weaknesses. As it's by overcoming their fear of death that man can reach perfection.


Choushou's appearance is very particular in that he may be the shortest character in the whole series aside from Kintoki Miyazawa.

He has a gaunt face with baggy eyes and prominent cheekbones, and also has his hair parted in the middle. In Tough, he changes his hair style to a Caesar cut.



With a diploma in legal studies at the University of Tokyo and being named magistrate. Asada Noboru had always wanted to become the perfect being without any flaws. By being able to overcome all of his weak points. When he made a comment to people who had no education, they would just reply with violence. He could only see pity in the eyes of the people who saw what was happening. The humiliation was so bad that he would have preferred death.

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Hating this feeling Asada went to the Shoot Fighting Academy. It was here that he learned that strength can only be gained through suffering. Later when a headline wrestler attacked the academy Choushou reduced him to nothing in the blink of an eye. Since then his name became taboo among all the wrestlers who wanted to become the strongest. He later went to the Black Dragon Temple.

Koukou Tekkenden Tough[]


After his training Choushou fought Rodoma to see who would inherit the Shingon ha. When Kiichi attempted to join in it was agreed that they would fight in three days first Choushou and Kiichi would fight then the winner would fight Rodoma.

Rodoma later ambushed Choushou while he was doing his chores. However Choushou quickly showed that Rodoma was no match for him surprising everyone present. Choushou quickly ripped apart the ligaments in his knee but Rodoma was able to fight on through sheer adrenaline. However he still proved to be no match for Choushou. Rodoma, the "apparition", whom everyone feared is on the ground broken reduced to nothing bathing in his own urine.

Still in combat mode Choushou immediately attacked Kiichi thought they stopped when it started to rain.

The two ended up fighting in a ring of fire. While it looked like Kiichi initially got the upper hand but once Choushou entered combat mode he gained control in the blink of an eye. Though Kiichi turned the match back around when he started to use the techniques of the Nadashinkage-ryuu this caused Choushou to open his own treasure chest. The fight eventually devolved into one of pride. Choushou was defeated when Kiichi instinctively used the Residual Wave technique.


Choushou was invited to the T.D.K and fought in the second match against Barkley.


Currently runs a dojo in Manhattan, New York. Kiichi went there to train for the up coming Hyper Battle.


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His combat style practices low stances and swift footwork, it is a combination of many different styled build around Shoot Fighting and then further enhanced by the School of Eiken. Choushou’s purpose when learning martial arts was to eliminate the fear of death which humanity fears the most, and become a man without any weaknesses.

Although very small for a fighter, Choushou is an expert who is able to do joint locks as fast as you could throw a jab. He has studied the human body to the very last detail. He’s learned and mastered 1500 different joint lock techniques. And after having fought against many other combat styles, the number of bones he has broken some day was over 3000. Choushou’s style is said to personify the rat no matter how badly he is beaten up, whether one squashes him or breaks him to pieces, he always finds a way to stand up. His style emphasizes swift footwork and rapid strikes. Thanks to his extensive knowledge of joints and bones he is able to dislocate many of his own joints to avoid damage. For example, by dislocating his jaw before impact he can negate the damage from a strike. While in this combat state Choushou becomes worse than a demon.




  • The character is based on the real-life Japanese mixed martial artist Noboru Asahi.