Danjuro Hanakawa
Tough v20 c213 - 138
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Origin Japan
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Debut (Manga) Tough Chapter 206:
Gender Male
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Fighting Style Ichikawa School Iaijutsu
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The boss of the Obana Clan the biggest and the most powerful yakuza clan of the country.




Danjuro Hanakawa is a huge fan of wrestling and was given 3000 tickets to Kiba’s fight against the WBG boxing champion Los Clay. However when Kiba insulted him he forced him to fight Mikhail Milokovich.

Later when the Russian Mafia asked for Mikhail Danjuro agreed only to be stopped by Seiko Miyazawa who dispatched all of him men. Danjuro agreed to spare Mikhail, but only if Seiko gave up his arm as compensation. Using his sword-cane do attempted to chop off Seiko’s arm however the blade was blocked by his muscles preventing him from slicing through. Witnessing Seiko’s conviction he agreed to spare Mikhail.

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