Dark Monkey
Tough v14 c150 - 189
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Origin Unknown
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Debut (Manga) Tough Chapter 149:
Gender Male
Age Unknown
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Fighting Style Instinct
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Don Gambino’s right hand man a monkey capable of killing more quickly than a bullet, an executioner quicker than a handgun, the monkey of darkness. He cut humans into slices, like we would do to vegetables. That’s what this monkey of darkness is a one man army doing Gambino’s bidding. Raised not as a man, but as a monkey. A monkey carefully shaped with a single unique goal: to kill.


The Dark Monkey doesn’t see himself as a human being; he doesn’t even know what words mean. Between his fear of humans and his hate towards them. The act of hurting men is deeply carved inside of him.




His age is unknown. His past is unknown. His entire existence is a mystery. This is the UMA (Unidentified Mysterious Animal) that haunts the sky-scrapers. The Dark Monkey. He grew up amongst a band of primates of the “Entelle” Variety, commonly called “Hanuman”


The Dark Monkey is an incredibly powerful fighter though he usually fights with knives even with his bare hands, he is perfectly capable of destroying a human being by tearing him apart. His fighting style isn't completely defined. The Dark Monkey always fights out of an instinct, almost animal in nature. Unlike other fighting styles, it has its own principles of maneuvering; including grabbing, falling, lunging and light art jumping and turning. Its main focus seems to be positioning himself above the head the weak point of the defense.

Tough v16 c172 - 186
The Dark Monkey doesn’t have any blind spots as his eyes are capable of moving independently which gives him a wide field of vision. His eyes which he controls perfectly give him larger field of vision. The exhorbited eyes of the dark monkey are the result of a revolutionary mutation that let him protect himself from aggressors in a natural environment.

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