Don Josefino
Tough v23 c239-249 (197)
Nickname Ice Heart
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Debut (Manga) Tough Chapter 235:
Gender Male
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The owner of the Black House. He is part of the Gambino Family and it is said that he has a true heart of ice.

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After hearing about the effects of the N.T.S drug from Doctor Tachikawa he wanted him to reduce it’s effectiveness to around 30% and sell it to royalty to make some money. However knowing that the true effect of the Drug needed to be witnessed he had Kikuta and Marcio’s fight made a strictly VIP event.

When Doctor Tachikawa refused to allow Kikuta to suffer the effects of the drug during the match pulled a gun on him. Luckily Tachikawa was saved by Seiko before he could pull the trigger so that he could administer the counter medicine

He later put a hit out on Seiko for embarrassing him

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