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Edgar C. Garcia
エドガード・C・ガルシア, Edogādo C Garushia
Nickname Combat Cyborg
Origin Brazil
Debut (Anime) n/a
Debut (Manga) A New Challenge
Gender Male
Age 17
Voice n/a
Fighting Style Hybrid Martial Arts
Family Unknown

Edgar C. Garcia (エドガード・C・ガルシア, Edogādo C Garushia) is the product of the USS Academy, he was first introduced after he defeated Iron Kiba in the Vale Tudo tournament 52 seconds after the bell.


Garcia is a soldier created to destroy his enemies. He is a machine instructed to kill, to efficiently render people powerless through carefully calculated techniques. Once he destroys his opponent he doesn’t express any emotion. He doesn’t even bat an eye to show emotion. With the allure of a cyborg his expressionless face seems to tell his opponent that the result isn’t a surprise to him.


His height is 1.80 meters (5’10”), and he weights 85 kilograms (187 pounds).

Edgar C. Garcia’s shoulders are positioned further behind than normal and his ribs stick out, which probably hampers the fluidity of his movement. With that kind of bone structure, even if his punches hit, his shoulders will absorb the recoil and should break easier.


Koukou Tekkenden Tough[]

Garcia works as a government assassin after his match with Iron Kiba he was sent to infiltrate the TS Cartel and kill Pablo Suban.

He later fought Kiba in a rematch at the Cage Fight. Garcia generally just does what his handlers says however during his second fight with Kiba the fact that unlike everyone else Kiba lasted longer then an instant made Garcia fell the joy of fighting for the first time in his life. After that he started fighting how he wanted instead of what his handler told him to.

Thanks to his training in the Nadashinkage-ryuu, Kiba had a much better showing in his rematch against Garcia he even eliminated his streak of instant wins. Sadly in the end Kiba still proved to be no match for Garcia.

Kiba finally used up all his remaining strength. He lost consciousness while holding on to his opponent. A fight to the death that lasted 59 minutes, but that will live on forever in the hearts of fight fans.

He was later given an invitation to the T.D.K. Though he won he ended up dying from the injuries he sustained in his match with Kiichi Miyazawa.


Koukou Tekken-den Tough v22p048-049.PNG

Edgar C. Garcia is an emotionless "cyborg" who has assimilated all combat techniques, which enables him to destroy his opponents one by one without breaking a sweat. At seventeen years old, his timing along with his technical level is already superior to the best in the world. Garcia has also been trained to resist any kind of torture techniques.

Lock techniques are only a matter of the lever just a single millimeter can change everything. Garcia's body is particular in the way it's able to change its bone structure the second there's excessive weight or pressure on it. When it's put under unusual amounts of pressure or weight, Garcia's body is able to modify itself. It's a technique called the Bone Control. Even the most terrifying techniques is just a variation of the basic techniques. Thanks to his Bone Control, Garcia is able to immediately analyze a technique that is still unknown to him so that he can counter it.



  • He may have some relation to Marcio "Jet" Naito (and potentially the Miyazawa family) because of his surprisingly similar fighting style, energy and facial features to Naito, as noted by Kiichi during his fight with Jet.