The Eye is the essential point in Martial Arts. Practitioners of the Nadashinkageryu train the eye to detect an opponent’s physical conditioning while observing facial cues and even posture.  In this lowly world there exists no man exist without weaknesses. The state of the five organs, which are the liver the heart, the kidneys the lungs and the spleen all correspond to five colors that appear on the face. A green tint translates, for example, as a deficiency in the liver’s functions. If it’s red, it’s the heart, yellow, the spleen, white the lungs as for the kidneys its black. If, for example the iris of the eye is bluish, they can deduct that the opponent’s liver is sick. When energy doesn’t circulate, it causes a deficiency in the liver which leads to a weak point on the sole of the foot. It then suffices to concentrate attacks on the weak point in question.

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