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Expert in Kicking
Volume 1, Chapter 3
Chapter 3 cover.png
English title Expert in Kicking
Series Koukou Tekkenden Tough
Release date March 18, 1994
New Characters Mitsuhide Kuroda
Love at first Sight

Expert in kicking is the third chapter in the Koukou Tekkenden Tough manga, and the third chapter in the series.


Kiichi finds graffiti on his house's door, and is forced to clean it up, knowing that it was some guys he had beaten up from before. Kiichi is then joined by his friends Moriyan and Ishige, who then catch up to two bikers, who turn out to be the bullies from Kiichi's school. He then reveals that they were the ones who tagged his house, and he in return destroys their custom made bike. Kiichi and friends then walk to find a truck driver had just ran over a dog, and seems unwilling to move it or even be remorseful about it. A strange biker then walks up and picks the dog off the road, and prays for it. The biker then destroys the truck in a matter of five minutes and leaves, with Kiichi being impressed at such a feat.

Story Notes[]

  • Mitsuhide shows how powerful he is by destroying a truck in less then five minutes.
  • Kiichi sees Mitsuhide for the first time.
  • Kiichi decides he wants to fight Mitsuhide.


  1. Kiichi Miyazawa
  2. Seiko Miyazawa
  3. Kintoki Miyazawa
  4. Ishige
  5. Moriyan
  6. Mitsuhide Kuroda


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