Exploding Vermilion Fist
Nadashinkage-ryu Bakutanken 1
爆丹拳, Bakutanken
Fighting Style Nada Shinkage-Ryu
User(s) Kiichi Miyazawa
Similar Hashin Sho

Exploding Vermilion Fist (爆丹拳, Bakutanken) is a Nada Shinkage-Ryu striking technique that aims to destroy the inner body, not the exterior.


The Bakutanken is precisely one would call the one hit kill. The fundamental energy, the ki concentrates itself on the part of the lower stomach called the Tenden. By striking the zone of the inferior Tanden the technique liberates and the energy that accumulates inside of the body causing it to explode. This impact propagates towards the extremities by provoking the destruction of the capillary vessels and can reach up to the brain. 

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