Fighting Youthfully
Volume 4, Chapter 34
Chapter 34 cover
English title Fighting Youthfully
Series Koukou Tekkenden Tough
Release date December 8, 1994
New Characters n/a
The Destroyer
Absolute Estheticism
Fighting Youthfully is the thirty-fourth chapter in the Koukou Tekkenden Tough manga, and the thirty-fourth chapter in the series.


Heizo explains the difference between Expressive wrestling and Assassins wrestling, as Expressive is only for the crowds and Assassins is to mess up the faculty of a body, with Kiichi failing to get out of it in his first attempt. The reporter then tells that he believes that Heizo is one of Kiba's goons. Kiichi desperate to get out, bites Heizo's leg forcing him to let go. Heizo is able to get Kiichi is another lock within a blink of an eye, and a complex one that covers both his neck and right leg at the same time. While in the lock Kiichi finds out that Heizo made Funada unable to wrestle for three months, angering him. Kiichi then elbows Heizo in the gut and uses the Nadashinkage-ryu joint technique python hold. Kiichi then aims for a vital spot on Heizo.


  • Kiichi Miyazawa vs Heizo Onikawa

Story NotesEdit

  • Heizo proves to be very fast able to lock a complex lock on Kiichi in a blink of an eye.
  • Heizo reveals that Funada will be unable to wrestle for three months.
  • Kiichi is able to use the Nadashinkage joint technique "Python Hold" on him.
  • Kiichi aims at Heizo's vital spot while Heizo is in the hold.


All characters in bold are new to the storya.

  1. Kiichi Miyazawa
  2. Heizo Onikawa
  3. Tayama


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