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Flying Enma Lock
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飛翔閻魔固め, Hishō Enma Gatame
ひしょう えんま がため
Fighting Style Wrestling
User(s) Heizou Onikawa
Kiichi Miyazawa
Similar Reversed Flying Enma Lock

The Flying Enma Lock (飛翔閻魔固め, Hishō Enma Gatame) is a dangerous forbidden technique created by Heizou "The Destroyer" Onikawa.


User jumps and as they are going up lock their legs around either side of opponent’s neck, bringing them up as well. User twist in midair taking opponent down on their head against the floor. As opponents face slams into the ground user grabs their arm locking it in place as the choke them with their legs.The neck, both legs, both ankles, and the left arm are blocked simultaneously. A quadruple joint lock. Like Enma, the Buddhist god of the dead, who would pitilessly judge criminals, this technique can decide a person’s fate in an instant. Once in place, it’s impossible to get out of and trying to fight your way out of it distorts the bones and muscles even more.