Four Foxes Board
Four foxes board
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Debut (Manga) Tough 19
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Fighting Style Hagyuu School
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The Four Foxes Board exists to govern the Hagyuu School and to make sure all decisions are made with the best interest of art and its student in mind. The only currently named members are Shirogitsune and Kitsune and as the name suggest consist of four members.

Although the Hagyuu Schools master always has the final say in the matter, the Four Foxes are there to give their opinions and advice, thus making sure the decisions made are fair and take into account all possibilities and viewpoints. All have decades' worth of experience and knowledge and hold a social position similar to that of the master. They exert great influence over the governing of the Hagyuu School and have garnished wide support from the student’s and are regarded with the same respect as that of the master.

They recently sent a letter to Kichi stating that although he’s the biological successor the Hagyuu School will not allow him to be the head of the nadashinkage school. And that he must either close the school or be killed.

Notes Edit

The four each wear mask do to the fact that Kiryu once entered the Hagyuu headquarters defeated all their students and horribly scared each fox

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