Galhad Suanpahkti
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Origin Thailand
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Debut (Manga) Koukou Tekkenden Tough Chapter 115:
Gender Male
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Fighting Style Muay Thai
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Galhad is the second person that Kichi has officially lost to in the series. He came to Japan two years before the start of the series and currently has 16 wins with only 1 loss.

Personality Edit

The village where Galhad grew up in was desolated. There was always a food shortage. Fighting was the only way to survive. He has never lost a fight whether in a ring or in the streets. He believes that by being strong he could live his life as he wants it. The only thing he fears in life is misery which he associates with losing.

Appearance Edit

History Edit

Past Edit

Born in Northeastern Thailand Gulhad become a fighter at the age of ten where he was forced to fight pitbulls. His first official match was at Lumpini station. After the match his opponent gave him the Buddhist pedent that he always wears. He later witnessed his opponent being forced to chop off his own foot and feed it to a dog.

Present Edit

Challenged Dogen Arikawa’s Tetsushinkan dojo before his match with Akira Toguchi and viciously beat every student there. After his match he was attacked by Kichi but was then challenged by Dogen before they could fight though he instantly took him down.

Luckily his manger was able to call the police stopping his fight with Kichi before it got to out of hand. He later snuck away so he could fight Kichi. Gulhad proved to much for Kichi however no matter what he did Kichi would not stay down and eventually turned the fight around with a kick to the throat.

Guhald stayed up due to his fear of what kept him up and eventually turned the match around back into his favor when Kichi overexerted himself. He eventually won when Kichi simply couldn’t continue to stand any more though he did require two weeks of rest afterwards.

He headed back to Bangkok after that to prepare for his next match, unfortunately that opponent turned out to be Edgar C. Garcia who forced Gulhad to go through the hell he feared so much. KO’ed in one minute thirty-six seconds of the first round. It was the last time Gulhad Suanpakhti ever stepped in the ring.

Abilities Edit

Gulhad is a master Muay thai, the reason he isn’t ranked is because he is too strong for the thai bookies to make money from his fights. Of the seventeen previous opponents he’s faced sixteen of them were crushed. His only defeat was from a disqualification for an illegal strike to the groin. He didn’t consider this a loss that’s why in the rematch he paralyzed his opponent for life. But since then no fight has been offered to him. As for street fights he has fifty wins. His leg has the speed and fluidity of a whip. But at the moment of impact. It’s like an iron bar.

His signature technique is the cobra sword

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