Gennai Tomashino
Nickname Killing Fingers Gen
Origin Japan
Debut (Anime) Does Not Appear
Debut (Manga) Tough Chapter 2: Dead or alive?
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Voice None
Fighting Style Okinawan Karate Onna Style
Family Unknown

Gennai Tomashino is a fictional character from manga series of Tough.


Gen is a real sadist who likes to make his opponents suffer. However, he can also act cowardly when confronted by enemies stronger than him to the point of kneeling and begging his opponent. He is easily angered when he is insulted, which caused a grudge towards Kibo.


A very muscular, and not the best looking man, as Gennai has long dark slick back hair, that reaches down all the way to his neck. His eye span, is unusually wide, although this is do to the wide span of his nose. He also has buck teeth, which is shown when he smiles. He also has long fingernails.


Gen is a regular participant of the Dark Fight. He crippled Inagaki during his fight. He taunted Kibo about how Inagaki was weak.


Gen is proeficient in a unique style of Karate that uses his fingernails and his toenails to attack his opponent. Those same nails have been sharpened through special training to the point of easily cutting human flesh. His attacks consists mainly of slashes with his fingers and toes. He can slash the tendons and the arteries of his opponents, which can cripple them for life or kill them at worst. He can also resort to hand thrusts attacks to pierce the stomach of his enemies.

Techniques Edit

Onna Style Cross Cut

Onna Style Drill-Hand

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