“Fluidity will prevail over power”

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An ancient form of Jiu-jitsu that boasts about being

unbeaten even with a large number of fights against many other styles. As well as to have almost paralyzed for life every opponent who had the misfortune of losing to it.

Principle Edit

The principle that fluidity will win over power isn’t a simple view of mind. Countering, grabbing, projecting, strangling, striking along with reanimating are the six base elements of the constitution of jiu-jitsu and the one who dexterously wields them will triumph against any opponent.

Overview Edit

The Goetsu style is an ancient form of jiu-jitsu combined with the majority of the combat techniques in the world that personifies the above principle which makes it a truly frightening art. The style originated from the autopsies of fallen warriors on the field of war and its goal is to break the opponent without a moment’s hesitation. That is why the Goetsu style isn’t the type of art to settle for only one or two broken bones.

Every opponent who has had the misfortune of losing to a practitioner of Goetsu Jiu-jitsu has been paralyzed for life, at the very moment the opponent is touched by practitioner they’ve lost completely. Just like a spider’s web, the more they try to force their way out the harder it becomes; and just like when the spider’s web catches its prey getting out is now impossible.

The Goestsu Style disapproves of the use of any kind of weight training allowing the trainee to stay as flexible as possible. This combined with the arts unique training method that further develop the natural flexibility and range of articulations of the bodies muscles and joints allow the  trainee to develop a body similar to invertebrates. This plus the arts perfect mastery of the human body’s structure makes it possible for practitoners to take on multiple opponents and fight against many other styles.

Simulation Edit

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Perhaps the

greatest weapon of Goetsu jiu-jitsu is Mental focus and battle meditation. The style involves a great deal of mental and physical discipline relying on logical prediction and move-reading instead of reflex and reaction. The essence of the style is the mastery of a heightened state of mind and body that actually allows the brain to accept more input from the senses and send commands along nerve paths at an equally accelerated rate, allowing them to track fast-moving objects with ease and even predict the subsequent movements of those objects.

This allows practitioners to predict how a battle will happen before it starts. The practitioners mind essentially works similar to a computer allowing them to run through a given combat situation in their mind, almost instantly covering nearly every possible result before the first punch is even thrown. They use this information to predict the actions and or reactions of their foes, counteracting their moves almost before they even think to make them. According to Shingo Aoi his abilities also work by letting him see the outcome of the battle he wants, and working backwards, following the right steps to get there. Because of this masters of this style are often mistaken for seers.

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