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Martial Art Styles
Judo Boxing
None Uppercut
Damage Sustained/Casualties
Uninjured Heavily injured

Goji Kano vs Yamamoto is a sparring match between Goji and Yamamoto, who are two well versatile fighters.


Goji approaches Yamamoto and friend

Yamamoto was seen sparring against someone else from the Futaba Boxing Gym, easily beating them, causing them to foam in the mouth, after an uppercut.[1]

Yamamoto is next seen walking with his friend, telling his friend that he aims to be the best boxer in the world, not just simply japan. Their conversation is then interrupted by a large figure, who applies to be Yamamoto's sparring partner, after hearing him say that their was no left who could give him a decent warm up, to which Yamamoto accepts. Yamamoto, the large man, and Yamamoto's friend then go to a remote location to spar. Yamamoto then wraps his hands in tape and gets ready to fight the stranger.[2]


Goji unimpressed with Yamamoto

Yamamoto the first move, by quickly closing the distance between him, and the large man. He then, while in motion, punches the large man in the stomach, and then punches him in the face, without a moments hesitation. However this proved to be wasted effort, as the large man did not even flinch at the movements. The large man then picks Yamamoto up and slams him on the concrete, causing Yamamoto to bleed massively, effectively ending the sparring match, much to Yamamoto friend's shock and horror. [3]


Yamamoto defeated

Yamamoto's head gushes blood out, as he lies on the ground unconscious. Yamamoto's friend the recognizes the large man, as Goji Kano, a judo champion. Goji quickly goes to Yamamoto's friend and tells him not to tell what he had just done to Yamamoto, nor that he had fought him, as it could lead to him being in big trouble, and may cause his eligibility to join the Olympics, as Goji is not allowed to have an actual fight.[4]


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