Gojo Kano
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Origin Japan
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Debut (Manga) Koukou Tekkenden Tough Chapter 13:
Gender Male
Age 18
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Fighting Style Judo
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Gojo Kano is the hero who will bring Japan a gold medal the Olympic games.

Personality Edit

Gojo Kano is a brutish thug who thinks he can do whatever he wants yet presents himself as a modest gentle giant to the public for his Olympic career. He takes everything by strength. He’s like a predator who throws himself onto his victim steered by his combat instinct. When this happens, nothing else exists for him not even pity for the weak.

Appearance Edit

Blood Type A

Height 196.5cm

Weight 131.0kg

Bust 140.0cm

Arm L.57cm R.58cm

Reach L.72cm R.72cm

Waist 107.5cm

Hip 135.0cm

Leg 86.5cm

Foot 30.0cm

Eyesight L.0.5 R.0.8

History Edit

The first person in the series to defeat kichii

Abilities Edit

Koko Tekken-Den TOUGH v02 - 170
Gojo is the three year Inter High School Judo Champion. He

is a judoka who can be proud to possess a strong body as well as perfect knowledge about the vital points of a human body, the most ideal constitution for a fighter. As stress relief for having to present himself as a good boy Gojo regularly challenges other schools of martial arts

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