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Gordon Grancie
Koukou Tekken-den Tough v23p033
Nickname The King of Vale Tudo
Debut (Anime)
Debut (Manga) Koukou Tekkenden Tough Chapter 237:
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Fighting Style jiu-jitsu
Family Emilio Grancie (Father, deceased)

Hyce Grancie (Brother)

Unnamed Older Brother

Gordon Grancie is a fictional character from anime and manga series of Koukou Tekkenden Tough.




Gordon Grancie is one of the Combatants in the T.D.K he came across his brother Hyce as he was heading towards his match with Mark. As they walked passed each other Hyce stopped and told Gordon that despite his cowardice he had become stronger then him. He was later confronted by his older brother who called him out for not attending their father’s funeral as well as demanded to know if he killed their father when Gordon admitted that he did his brother told him that Hyce would kill him.

He arrived at the ring just as his brother was pulling Hyce off of Mark Gordon came out and was finally able to knock out his brother. Freaked out at how easily Gordon was able to knock his brother unconscious Mark tried to provoke Gordon to get him disqualified. However Gordon quickly realized this and left after telling Mark that he was going to defeat him not by taking his life but by crushing his ego. As he was leaving the ring he was stopped by kichi but he just ignored him.


Gordon Grancie is a man whose technique has allowed him to surpass the title of “Expert” and received the title of “God”. He’s unbeaten in 500 fights for this jiu-jitsu legend

Trivia Edit

  • His family name is a parody of the infamous Gracie Family.
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