Gouji Kanou
Goji Kano kip.png
加納剛次, Kanō Gōji

かのう ごうじ

Nickname Huge Elephant
Origin Japan
Debut (Anime) n/a
Debut (Manga) The Physique of the Combatant
Gender Male
Age 17
Voice n/a
Fighting Style Judo
Family Unknown

Gouji Kanou (加納剛次, Kanō Gōji) is the number one judo practitioner in all the schools of Japan. He strives to become an Olympic athlete. Seiko Miyazawa called him the Huge Elephant (巨象, Kyozō).

Personality[edit | edit source]

Goji has shown to be a very kind and gentle man, as he has shown great respect to his defeated opponents, as well as showing great respect to his coaches, showing his humble side as well.

This however proves to be an act as Goji's true nature is that of an arrogant, vain and prideful young man, thinking of himself and no one else, as he only seems to care about his career as an Olympic athlete.

He is also very ruthless as he only enjoys fighting to hurt people not just for the sport of it. He takes everything by strength. He’s like a predator who throws himself onto his victim steered by his combat instinct. When this happens, nothing else exists for him not even pity for the weak. He is also very petty, as he had used deadly techniques on Kiichi, all due to him breaking one of his fingers. Goji is also very proud of his judo, as he has never stopped training once, and considers himself the strongest.

Although through all of this it is shown Goji does have some honor in him, as he has never actually used any dirty tricks or moves, to try to have an edge against his opponent in a fight, using only the thing he loves Judo, as his technique of choice.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Goji is has a large and imposing figure(almost 6 and a half feet tall). His hair is short, he has a cleft chin and his nose is big.

He wears a Los Angeles Kings Jacket(sometimes with a Gold's Gym shirt underneath) that he almost wears everywhere. When in an official match or something of high importance to him Kano will wear a white judo gi.

History[edit | edit source]

Koukou Tekkenden Tough[edit | edit source]

Deadly Physique[edit | edit source]

Goji is first seen meeting and beating a very strong boxer named Yamamoto, without much effort, and accidentally meeting Kiichi at some restaurant. Goji is then seen at a judo match being very humble in front of the press and then revealed to be a bully to his peers and coaches. Goji is then followed closely by Kiichi, which ends in them fighting each other, as Kiichi sees how ruthless Goji can be, hurting a man after already being beaten.

Goji fighting Kiichi.

Goji, Kiichi, and Kiich's friends then go to the docks, where Goji and Kiichi fight. Goji shows his massive strength and knowledge of Judo, as he is able to completely crush Kiichi's ribs. Goji however does take injury as Kiichi was able to break a finger, but before Goji could get serious they were interrupted by the police to which Goji escaped by sea.

Goji is next seen going to Kiichi, and picking a fight with him, showing him that his broken finger had been fixed. Kiichi agrees, and there fight is set to be at the football field three later.

Goji is next seen preparing to fight Kiichi, and has decided to use Judo's most deadly of techniques against him. Goji then meets Kiichi at the football field, and they begin their fight. Goji is able to brutalize Kiichi with his massive size, and massive strength but in the end Kiichi was able to win, through strategy, speed, and technique stopping Goji's heart with Bakutanken. Goji is revived by Seiko, and wants to fight Kiichi again, but Kiichi instead wants to shake his hand, having respect for Goji for using only Judo and not dirty tricks, to which Goji gladly accepts.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Kano can lift a 130 pound person off the ground with one hand and with relative ease. He is also a very skilled Judo practitioner, knowing the vital points of a person, as well as him being able to compete at an Olympic level, while still only in college, proves how immense his skill is.

Techniques[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Goji's favorite techniques are the joint locks.
  • Goji was born on May 9, 1976.
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