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Snake Tongue Style

A martial arts style derived from the Yugen Shinkage Ryu created by Buzan Shinomura.


Due to his body, Buzan can move his torso independently from his lower body like a real snake. The style revolves around Dempsey Roll like movements in that it involves Buzan aggressively weaving his upper body in a pattern similar to the shape of a figure eight. However unlike the predictable and highly readable nature of the Dempsey Roll the afterimages produced by Buzan’s movements combined with his rubber-like abilities makes it virtually impossible to trace him movements. As even though his feet are stationary as he charges it appears as if multiple snakes are attacking the opponent.    

The name of the style is derived from the fact that when Buzan gets serious he lets out a scream to intimidate his opponent. So when he attacks do to the afterimages caused by his constant movements makes it seem as if a fist is coming out of his mouth.