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Heizou Onikawa
鬼川平蔵, Onikawa Heizō
おにかわ へいぞう
Nickname The Destroyer
Origin Japan
Debut (Anime) OVA 1
Debut (Manga) Towards a Federation!?
Gender Male
Age About 50
Voice Unknown
Fighting Style Wrestling
Family Kami (Wife)
Aya (Daughter)
Since the beginning of time, women and money have been the best way to attract a man...

– Onikawa to Kiichi.

Heizou Onikawa (鬼川平蔵, Onikawa Heizō), also known as Onihei (オニ平, Onihei), is an old master of wrestling, although once competing he had now become the shadow of pro wrestling, keeping everyone in line who dare becomes arrogant of their own abilities. He is known as the Destroyer (壊し屋, Kowashiya) in pro wrestling world.


Onikawa is first seen as a ruthless man taking out Kouji Funada without any hesitation breaking his arm and smiling about it after it was finished. He also seemed very loyal to Iron Kiba as he always followed his orders no matter what it was.

During his fight with Kiichi Miyazawa, however, Onikawa had shown some respect to Kiichi and even went easy on him. It is then revealed that, after the fight with Kiichi, Onikawa is a kind old man who enjoys building rather then destroying things. He even cares for his wife and daughter.


Onikawa is an elderly man, with short white hair that is shaped like a arrow going forward on his head, as the sides appear to be receding. The hair also covers some of his forehead. Onikawa is also missing his some of his teeth, most notably his two front teeth.

Although not much is seen of his appearance, it seems that he is very brittle in his appearance being elderly, not having much muscle mass to show, although his wrestling does not need for him to be muscular.


Koukou Tekkenden Tough[]


Some time before the story Onikawa was trained in locks and had made his way on to the professional wrestling circuit. However, do to his style of wrestling in that time, he was not very popular and eventually he had retired from wrestling, staying on as the shadow of professional wrestling keeping all the wrestlers in line. Onikawa had also trained a man named Kiyomasa Samon, who later became known as the devil.

It is also revealed that some time before the story, Onikawa had met his wife and they had a child together.

Fear of the Wrestlers[]

Onikawa Heizo.png

Onikawa had first appeared, in the wrestling gym, where he had punished Kouji Funada, for attacking his seniors, breaking his arm rather quickly and easily. He then looked forward to fighting against the Nadashinkage-ryuu.

Onikawa had then paid a girl, to bring Kiichi Miyazawa to a warehouse where a wrestling ring was set up, wanting to fight Kiichi. Kiichi had gladly agreed to fight him, and they both stepped into the ring. Onikawa was able to use his vastly superior fighting skills and speed to put Kiichi in multiple locks, however Kiichi was still able to win using the Nadashinkage-ryuu locks. It was later revealed to Kiichi that Onikawa was holding back, as Seiko Miyazawa knew how strong Onikawa was and still is.

Onikawa was then seen fixing a model airplane, and talking with a news reporter, where it is revealed that he had left professional wrestling behind completely, no longer being the destroyer. He was then sent out to pick up some cigarettes for his wife, during which he was attacked by an unknown assailant although Onikawa seemed to have thought they were on friendly terms, leaving him on the ground in a pool of his own blood.

Onikawa was then rushed to the hospital by Kiichi, where he explains to Kiichi that he was lucky to get off with just blood and a broken arm. Onikawa tells Kiichi the man who had beaten him so badly was none other then, Samon, an old student of his. Onikawa tries to warn Kiichi about Samon's monstrous strength, even going as far as to show him a video of how Samon's legend had started, although this did not deter Kiichi at all, much to Onikawa's surprise it only made Kiichi want to fight him even more.


Onikawa is a very efficient wrestler whose locks are an artform. No matter the opponent, he is always able to get inside his guard and perform a lock all in the blink of an eye. However this is the reason that his wrestling career never took off as the spectators were never truly able to understand his lock techniques because they weren’t very entertaining and they were done lightning fast. Onihei always refused to compromise, and little by little he found himself in the shadows. Onihei has been at this for thirty years and regardless of his height, can break a man’s bone like a twig.



  • The character is possibly based on the real-life mixed martial artist Volk Han, and his name comes from Heizou Hasegawa, the title character of Onihei Hankachou.