Hishuu Kamaitachi
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Hidden Kick-Bladed Wind

Also Known As

The Blow of The Ever Changing Kick

The special technique which has been passed down through the Kusanagi style. Hishuu Kamaitachi is actually a combination of two types of kicks both of which require extensive training to master. The first kick uses the leg as a whip, snapping the leg similar to how a tamer snaps his whip. With this kick power and finesse make a beautiful union and is a forced to be reckoned with all on its own. The second kick is commonly called “Togata Ashi” (Sharp foot). “Togata Ashi” is using the leg with such force that it cuts the enemy. This is all a manipulation of speed and power the leg speed of user’s leg allows them to slice opponent, the pressure of the air acting as a gigantic blade that only the most skilled of warriors can hope of dodging. Hishuu Kamaitachi allows the user to alter between the snapping and the sharp style instantly. not only does this give the appearance that the leg is made of rubber but it is able to split flesh open as it was gored by a blade.

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