Huo Chong Gao
Tough v13 c132 052
Nickname Shaolin Sorcerer
The “Evil” of the Shaolin Temple
Origin China
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Debut (Manga) Tough Chapter 118:
Gender Male
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Fighting Style Shaolin Kung Fu (Internal)
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Huo Chong Gao is a fictional character from manga series of Tough.



This man isn’t simply obese: he got fatter to be stronger it’s after a severe training that he became this mass of grease around 250kg.


Huo Chong Gao fought against Suzuki Minoru during the 6th battle of the Hyper Battle. Because Suzuki underestimated him due to his weight Hou quickly took control of the battle. However he proved no match for Suzuki once he became serious and Hou was condemned to extraordinary agony.


Huo Chong Gao is a student at Mount Song Shaolin temple and a practitioner of the Intenal style of Shaolin. In all the history of Shaolin, Hou is the only one to be able to master the Gyokutai-ko

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