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Hyce Crancie
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ヒース・クランシー, Hīsu Kuranshī
Nickname Young Lion of Jiu-jitsu
Origin Brazil
Debut (Anime) n/a
Debut (Manga) Entry
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Voice n/a
Fighting Style Crancie Jiu-jitsu
Family Emilio Crancie (Father)
Unnamed Older Brother
Gordon Crancie (Brother)

Hyce Crancie (ヒース・クランシー, Hīsu Kuranshī), romanized as Hyce Grancie in the English Fan-Translation, is a fictional character from manga series of Koukou Tekkenden Tough.


Hyce is normally a timid, withdrawn, and slightly neurotic person. His timid nature has caused him to have trouble urinating before every fight due to nervousness. He will refuse to eat do to fear of puking and rarely looks his opponent in the eyes. Despite this he is a determined individual with extreme confident in abilities that not only won’t run away, but will tell his opponent he will kill them.



Koukou Tekkkenden Tough[]

Five years ago, Hyce Crancie, a man nobody feared, defeated one on one the greatest combatants in a tournament with no rules. With three straight years of consecutive wins, the whole world started to understand just how far ahead of the competition he was as he crushed everyone. He is currently fighting with his brother Gordon over the succession of the family since their father Emilo Crancie died.

Hyce fought Mark Hamilton during the fourth match of the T.D.K. As he was heading towards his match with he came across his brother as they walked passed each other Heath stopped and told Gordon that despite his cowardice he had become stronger then him. Heath proved to be the far more skilled combatant by immediately trapping and paralyzing him in a hold. Despite Mark’s superior strength there was nothing he could do as Hyce slowly wore him down before getting him in chokehold which Mark got out of by shoving his finger into Hyce's eye. His brother ran into the ring demanding that Mark be disqualified even though Mark’s corner man claimed it was unintentional. Disgusted that the ref wasn’t going to do anything even though eye gauging was the only illegal move in the T.D.K he took Hyce to leave with the crowd calling them cowards. However Hyce decided to keep fighting. He tried to convince him not to let the crown sway him but Hyce wouldn’t listen stating that he was no longer scared and wanted to fight.

Though he wanted to show the world that the Crancie Jui-jitsu had the best collection of fighting techniques on earth it was obvious he hadn’t full recovered something that Mark quickly took advantage of. Even as he was being mercilessly pummeled Hyce ignored Mark’s attacks and continued to try and grapple him. Even when he fell to the ground and blood gushed from his nose and mouth he continued to get back up. Scared at just how determined Hyce was to keep fighting Mark went in for the kill only for Hyce's brother to throw in the towel before he could.

However even after Mark was declared the winner Hyce refused to stop fighting. His brother tried to pull him off but it wasn’t until Gordon came out that he was finally knocked out.


Hyce's name, the Sandman, comes from the fact that he moves like sand slipping through your fingers. Sand is just as indestructible as it is evasive. It can change into any shape and swallow anything. Hyce doesn’t leave any openings and relies drawing opponent in like quicksand and wearing them down with quick attacks. Even if his opponent is a child Hyce doesn’t let his guard down.



  • The character is based on the real-life martial artist Royce Gracie.