Ichirou Yamada
Oton v02 p198
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Origin Japan
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Debut (Manga) Oton Chapter 08:
Gender Male
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Fighting Style Sniper
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Ichirou Yamada is a fictional character from manga series of Oton. His nationality, background even his real name are all completely hidden he’s an unknown assassin. A monster who prides himself in his 99% success rate. If you’re targeted by Ichirou Yamada you’re pretty much a goner.




When he was hired to kill Ozaki Kentarou he sent him a recommendation to hire Seiko Miyazawa as his body guard due to the fact that he was able to see the direction of his shot at a previous assassination.


Ichirou Yamada is a super A-class sniper who has had a one-shot career for forty five years.

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