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Iron Kiba
アイアン木場, Aian Kiba
アイアン きば
Nickname "Iron" Kiba
Origin Japan
Debut (Anime) OVA 1
Debut (Manga) The Father's Destiny, the Son's Destiny
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Voice Unknown
Fighting Style Pro Wrestling
Family Daidou Rikiyama (Father)
Unnamed Mother
Katsuichirou Kiba (Son)
Gousaka (Former Teacher)
8 ex wives

Iron Kiba (アイアン木場, Aian Kiba) is a Japanese world wrestling champion and general manager.[1] His real name is Seiji Kiba (木場正治, Kiba Seiji).


Iron Kiba is the CEO and champion of World Pro Wrestling. Kiba has great pride in his accomplishments in the ring having beaten many of the greatest fighters on the planet, who had used different fighting styles, such Judo and Boxing, showing the professional wrestling can be taken seriously. In order to prove that Pro Wrestling is the ultimate martial art, he challenged Seiko Miyazawa to a no holds barred fight. Kiba has also shown to be vengeful, as displayed against Seiko as he had lost an eye to him, and his martial arts Nadashinkage-ryuu. It is to a point of obsession with destroying the Nadashinkage-ryuu, as everytime he thinks about it his left eye begins to throb.[2]

Kiba is also shown to be very manipulative having, manipulated Kiyomasa Samon into fighting against Seiko.


Kiba is a tall man, with a very massive build and has black slick back hair, he also wears an artificial eye, on the right side of his eye socket, due to his fight with Seiko. He is usually seen wearing classy attires such as suits.[3]


Koukou Tekkenden Tough[]


September 16th 1954: Daidou Rikiyama; the star of the world of combat techniques passed away. Celebrities, sports stars and even politicians came to pay their respects one last time to this idol. Kiba saw his father for the first time that day and spit on his face. Kiba’s mother who was obsessed with Daidou viciously beat Kiba in retaliation for this. Later she attempted to commit double suicide with her son by strangling him to death. Kiba was able to escape and get away and the next morning he and the police found Kiba’s mother dead with a slit throat.

After his mother’s death Kiba was sent to live at his father estate with his widow who tortured him mercilessly and made him live in a rat infested shed. With each beating Kiba’s personality developed more and more as the sentiment of rage grew within him.

Kiba was eventually initiated to all sorts of combat styles by Gousaka. Seeing how his father’s widow was still enamored with him after all he had done to her made him want above all else absolute power. The sort of power capable of attracting him to people to train them to the point of losing all reason. For that he needed to defeat the enemy right in front of him.

Kiba eventually snuck into Gousaka’s bedroom at night and started beating him with a bat once Gousaka lost consciousness Kiba began finally practicing all of the moves taught to him. Gousaka became Kiba’s guinea pig.

13 years ago Kiba was getting in a interdisciplinary fight with a Karateka that called himself the “Bear Killer.” With a sample of that, he eagerly searched for a combat style which the rumors of the underworld would consider the strongest, the Nadashinkage style. Because of the extreme secrecy of the murderous technique of the Nadashinkage school, the meeting happened in strict discreetness. It was an impressive battle for life and death. The ring turned into a sea of blood, and the crowd was muted with the deafening sounds of flesh being hit. Seiko Miyazawa escaped with a broken collarbone and retinal detachment. As for Kiba, he lost his left eye. Finally, their battle ended with wounds on both sides. That remains the biggest humiliation in Kiba’s whole wrestling career.

His main motivation after that became to get stronger and defeat the Nadashinkage-ryuu through any means necessary. He also defeated a Judo Olympic Gold Medalist and a Heavyweight Boxing Champion prior to the series start.[2]

Fear of the Wrestlers[]

Kiba had showed up, before Kiichi Miyazawa and Kouji Funada fight, wondering what was happening. Kiba then saw Seiko and was reminded of their fight, with him having been defeated by Seiko, loosing an eye in the process. He then told Seiko that he could never forgive what Seiko had done to him, being angered every time Nadashinkage-ryuu is mentioned. Kiba then showed the group present his missing eye, and told Funada to not take an opponent lightly as anything goes in a street fight.[4] Kiba then told Funada to gouge out one of Kiichi's eyes, and slaps him, some how giving Funada more confidence. Kiba was then seen, talking with Seiko, who tells him not to underestimate Kiichi. Kiba chuckles, when Kiichi believed he had won, simply by splitting Funada's two fingers, stating that wrestlers are able to continue fighting no matter what happened to them, instilling the fear of the wrestlers into Kiichi. The fight ends with Seiko stepping in and knocking Funada out, giving Kiichi the win. Kiba then steps on a motionless Funada, angering Kiichi enough to try and attack but Kiba was able to grab his entire face with one hand, and starts crushing it as he speaks. He proclaims that his wrestling style is far stronger then the Nadashinkage-ryuu and challenges the Nadashinkage against his wrestling. During his proclamation Kiichi breaks free and then agrees to the fight.

Kiba was then seen being investigated by a reporter who asks about the incident with Funada and Kiichi, as it is known to the public that a professional wrestler was beaten by a high school student. Kiba had denied any accusations the reporters had.

Kiba was then seen, after the deal with Kiyomasa Samon had gone bad, stepping out of the car and about to fight Samon. Before he fought with Samon he had stated that Samon had the same illusion as him, of being the strongest. He had fought Samon, but stopped as Tenshuu had pointed out that Kiba's knee was injured. Before Samon had left Kiba had told him that there was another person that was just like them, and he took out his eye in order to show Samon just how powerful this man was.

Kiba, while in his limo, then chuckled at what he had done, revealing that his leg was not injured and that it was all scripted in order for Samon to take out the Nadashinkage-ryuu.


Kiba decided to retire from wrestling to fight in more serious matches after losing in an official match due to using a move considered illegal. He later agreed to fight anyone who defeated the Nadashinkage-ryuu.



Kiba and Seiko were supposed to have their match after Kiichi fought Shingo Aoi. However Genshuu Ibara angered that Shingo dishonored the Goetsu School by losing asked Kiba to let him fight instead. After the match Kiba seeing Seiko’s strength decided to postpone his match for another month.

Later after Seiko pushed a drunk who had stumbled into the road out of the way of a car and was hit instead Kiba went to the hospital the moment he heard and ended up provoking Kiichi to fight him instead.

Beginning of the End[]

After healing from his injuries Kiba decided to participate in the most violent martial arts tournament there is to prove irrefutably that wrestling was superior over all other combat techniques. Kiba was defeated by Edgar C. Garcia 52 seconds after the bell.

Kiba's vertebraes were severely affected by his match with Garcia. The left half of his body was almost completely paralyzed not counting torn ligaments in his right leg. However in order to keep up appearances Kiba walked right out of the plane at Tokyo international looking non the worse for wear. Surprising everyone present, yet the moment he got into his car away from the prying eyes of the press he succumbed to his injuries.

Second Chance[]

Kiichi and Yoshiki Takaishi later went to his house to gather inform on Garcia after finding out that he defeated Gulhad. Kiichi ended up yelling at Kiba for his cowardice when he tried to warn him against fighting Garcia. Kiba then sent Kiichi to the school of Eiken at the Black Dragon temple.

After they left Seiko agreed to help Kiba recover the full use of his abilities. While treating him Seiko discovered that Kiba only had at most five years left to live due heart problems. Not willing to just stay in bed Kiba asked him to make him strong enough to fight Garcia again even after being told that such extreme medical treatment would significantly reduce his lifespan. After gaining back his full strength Kiba decided to test to see if a human can defeat a tiger barehanded knowing that if he is able to pass this test.


During the rematch Seiko agreed to be his corner man at the Cage Fight. Thanks to his training in the Nadashinkage-ryuu Kiba had a much better showing he was even able to eliminate Garcia streak of instant wins. Sadly in the end Kiba still proved to be no match for Garcia. Kiba finally used up all his remaining strength. He’s lost consciousness while holding on to his opponent. A fight to the death that lasted 59 minutes, but that will live on forever in the hearts of fight fans. Kiba died of heart failure a month after his fight with Garcia.


Kiba has shown to be possibly the greatest wrestler in all of the NWL, having beaten many of the greatest fighters, who used different fighting styles such as boxing and Judo, during his prime.[1]

Also, he has shown to have massive strength being able to knock Kiyomasa Samon through a brick wall with just his tackle alone. He is also able to use the German Suplex against a small helicopter.



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  • In his youth, Kiba would sleep with more than three women at a time.
  • His character is loosely based upon the real life pro wrestling legend Antonio Inoki.