石毛, Ishige


Nickname Chinge
Origin Tokyo, Japan
Debut (Anime) n/a
Debut (Manga) Becoming a Star
Gender Male
Age About 16
Voice n/a
Fighting Style n/a
Family Unknown
It resembled an ancient martial art... I mean, I'm a fan of combat techniques.

– Ishige to Kiichi.

Ishige (石毛, Ishige) is a friend and fan of Kiichi Miyazawa. He is very loyal to his idol and has begun to hang out with him in order to become as strong.[1] His nickname is Chinge (チンゲ, Chinge).


Ishige has a very coward like personality, as shown multiple times of him being bullied by other kids in the school, and refusing to do anything about it. Ishige, however, can be also very courageous and loyal, as shown when he refused to give up Kiibo location, as he knew they were trying to hurt him, taking multiple hits to the body.[2][3]


Ishige is a frail boy with a very chunky body, not really being all that fit, nor being able to fight. He has long black hair in the front, which usually covers his forehead with bangs, it can be described as a bowl shaped hair cut. Ishige is usually seen wearing his Aoba Vocational uniform.[4]

His haircut is changed from a bowl shaped, to a mowhawk, with some hair that spells out his name on the left side of his shaven head, as to, as Kiichi describes it, make him look a bit more stronger, and intimidating.[5]


Koukou Tekkenden ToughEdit

Introductory ArcEdit

Ishige was first seen getting a mixed martial arts book, and had stumbled on to a fight between one person and two gang members. He watched as one person was able to beat up two people by himself. Ishige was very impressed as the man identified himself as Kiichi Miyazawa.[6]

Ishige was then seen getting beaten up by two of the students, having even loss his trousers in the process, and had ran away from them bumping into Kiichi. He had then ran away and hid from the two bullies.[7]

Ishige had then followed Kichi around, spying on him, although he was caught by Kiichi. Ishige had explained his actions, as he had wanted to be like Kiichi one day, was able to eventually befriend him, after sharing his knowledge of martial arts as well as showing Kiichi an autograph of Bruce Lee.[8]

Ishige was once again seen getting bullied by the two students, who had bullied him the other day. He was saved by Kiichi but was then berated soon after, by Kiichi himself, as Kiichi did not like how weak Ishige had acted in that situation.[9]

Ishige was then seen, depressed and walking by himself when he had ran into Shimakin and his gang.[10] He was then seen being beaten up by the Shimakin gang. Ishige had still refused to tell them where Kiichi is, being beaten up to a bloody mess, refusing to betray Kiichi. Ishige was then saved by Kiichi, who is able to beat the leader of the gang with relative ease.[11]

Ishige was seen at the outside of the school's building and had watched as Jiro and Moriyan, were about to fight each other. Kiichi, however, ended up stopping it when he challenged Jiro to do as he said, and fight him, to which Jiro had punched him and left it at that.[12]

Ishige had then talked with Kiichi, and had asked why Kiichi hadn't fought with Jiro, after Jiro had punched him in the face, to which Kiichi had responded by stating he was not interested in fighting weak opponents. Kiichi had then gotten an idea on how to make Ishige tougher, as he took Ishige to the barber shop, where the barber had given him a new haircut, a mow hawk.[13][5]

Ishige had then watched as Kiichi was able to take out both the Osome brothers, who had tried to kill Kiichi, after he had admitted to being the one to have told on them, even though it was actually Jiro who did so.[14]

The True Inheritor ArcEdit

Ishige was then seen walking with Kiichi and Moriyan, and after Kiichi had destroyed two of the students who had spray painted his house, they were interrupted by an accident caused by a truck driver having ran over a dog. Ishige had then watched as a mysterious biker, had destroyed the truck, after carrying the dog away and giving it a prayer. When asked by Kiichi how long had it been since the biker showed up to which Ishige had replied and told Kiichi it was five minutes, revealing that it the biker under five minutes to destroy an entire truck with his bare hands, to destroy an entire truck.[15]

After Kiichi's date had gone bad, being that the date wasn't attractive to him, Ishige was put into a position in which he was the one who had to go out with the unattractive woman much to Ishige's dismay.[16]

Ishige was then seen, along with Moriyan, watching as Kiichi and Mitsuhide Kuroda fought against each other. Mitsuhide had broken his vow to never fight again, and had even became a monster in the fight, not caring for anything except the fight, destroying obelisks, however Kiichi was able to win, with a Hashin Sho, stopping Mitsuhide heart. Ishige had congratulated Kiichi, after resuscitating Mitsuhide.[17]

Deadly Physique ArcEdit

Ishige, Moriyan and Kiichi had then went to spy on the interhigh champion of Judo Goji Kano. The spying had eventually stopped, as Goji had nearly broken a man's arm, for trying to attack, and Kiichi had to step in to stop him.[18]

The confrontation had escalated and the group had went so Kiichi and Goji Kano, can fight without attracting attention. Ishige and Moriyan had watched an intense fight between Goji and Kiichi, witnessing Goji's monstrous strength, as Goji's elephant like physique was too much for Kiichi to fight against. The fight however, was interrupted by the police and everyone had escaped the scene, before they were seen.[19]

Ishige, Moriyan, and Kiichi had swam to shore, where they had found a woman waiting for them. It was then revealed that the woman was the caller who had alerted the police introducing herself as, Rika Tachibana. She had told Kiichi to get stronger so he could defeat Goji in their next confrontation.[20][21]

Ishige and Moriyan were then seen walking with Kiichi, as Kiichi was unable to eat anything, do to the injury he had received during his fight with Goji, as Goji had broken his Chuin, and it would kill him in three years.[22] The group had walked to a dinner, Donny's, where Kiichi had expressed a want to still fight Goji. Goji had then appeared and decided that they would fight in the school field, to which Kiichi had accepted.[23][24]

Ishige and Moriyan were then walking with Kiichi, when he had collapsed, forcing the two to take him to the hospital. At the hospital Seiko had appeared, and used oriental medicinal techniques to try and heal Kiichi, he had then slumped Kiichi over his shoulders and had taken him outside.[25]

Ishige and Moriyan had then went to the field, to witness the second match between Kiichi and Goji. Ishige and Moriyan cheered Kiichi on as he had fought against not only Goji's physique but also Goji's deadly Judo techniques. Ishige and Moriyan had then congratulated Kiichi on his victory over Goji, after Kiichi was able to land the fist of the Buddha on Goji causing his heart to stop.[26]


  • Ishige had once talked with Jackie Chan.


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