坂上ジロ, Sakagami Jiro
さかがみ ジロ
Nickname n/a
Origin Japan
Debut (Anime) n/a
Debut (Manga) Heartbeats
Gender Male
Age About 18
Voice n/a
Fighting Style Brute Force
Family Unknown
I promise you that one day he'll be receiving an early birthday present!

– Jito to Moriura about Kiichi.

Jiro (坂上ジロ, Sakagami Jiro) is a juvenile, who goes to Kiichi's school, having beef with both Kiichi and Moriyan.[1]


Jiro has shown to be very antagonistic to his fellow classmates, as shown when he had nearly fought Moriyan and sucker punched Kiichi in the face. He has also shown to be arrogant of his own fighting abilities believing that he could take on both Moriyan and Kiichi when he couldn't.He has been shown to be cowardice, trying to get out of situations by putting the blame on someone else.[1][2]


Jiro is a very rounded individual who is only seen wearing a hawiian shirt. He has black, slick back hair, that has gray on the end of it. He also has facial hair, having a mustache and a small beard.[1]


Koukou Tekkenden ToughEdit

Introductory ArcEdit

Jiro was first seen arguing with Moriyan, as he had stated that he would beat him and then Kiichi up if he wanted to. As he had said that Kiichi himself walked by, and challenged Jiro to actually hit him. Jiro had done so, but to very little effect and then walked away, trying to seem like it hurt Kiichi.[1]

Jiro was then seen at a bar, with his friend, as he had angrily talked about Kiichi, as he told his friend that Kiichi had taken his punch without even blinking once. The friend also commented stating that Kiichi had also broken Shimakin's arm. He was then met with the Osome brothers, who had scared off Jiro's friend. They had blamed him for their arrests, and putting them in juvenile hall. Jiro had said it was not him, but the Osome brothers did not believe it, as they had smashed the cup Jiro had been drinking in his face. One of the employees had tried to call the police but the other Osome brother catches him, before he is able to make the proper call. Jiro begged for the Osome brothers to reconsider, as they were about to slice his neck with a broken beer bottle. They had warned Jiro if he had tried to lie to them again he would loose an eye.[3]

Jiro had then showed up in a broken mess, as he had been beaten up by the Osome brothers, Moriyan's father's barbershop, as the Osome brothers wanted to ask Kiichi weather or not he was the one who had snitched on them. Kiichi, upon seeing Jiro, had taken the blame for Jiro. Kiichi was then able to help Jiro by having beaten up the Osome brothers. Jiro had then thanked him for helping him, as Kiichi also thanked him for putting him in that situation, as it had gotten his heart pumping. Jiro then hugged Kiichi, much to Kiichi's dislike.[4]



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