Jouichirou Kusakabe
Tough c316 (14)
“Respect your own power and fill your fist with love. Use your strength to protect those who are unable to do so.”

--The teachings of kouachirou

Nickname The Holy Fist
Origin Japan
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Gender Male
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Fighting Style Yugen Shinkage Ryu
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Jouichirou Kusakabe is a fictional character from manga series of Tough.


Even in his brutality Jouichirou Kusakabe was known for his incorruptible integrity and skill




A little before his death he trained Son-O even though he was a member of the Nadashinkage-ryu.


Jouichirou Kusakabe is not only the founder of the Gentotsu but also the one who took the technique to new heights to the point where he could strike the Gentotsu with his hands folded behind his back.

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