Koukou Tekken-den Tough v07p138
霞連弾, Karendan
Fighting Style Kenjutsukan
User(s) Nagahide Kaneda
Similar n/a

Karendan (霞連弾, Karendan) is the Secret attack of the Kenjutsukan.


In karate there’s a saying: “Never Attack First.” That’s because taking initiative with a direct punching attack is too easy to see coming. Karate does in fact use the counter-attacking tactic but the Kenjutsukan style considers a combination of attacks a one hit kill. The speed of this attack makes it appear as if user is attacking with four hands. The user’s fingers as hard as metal, can do as much damage as bullets, by piercing and shredding flesh. The speed of a cobra in action. A real gatling gun being able to deliver a fury of attacks in a very short amount of time. A common mortal would never be able to get back up.

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