Nickname Sex Machine Guns
Origin Japan
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Debut (Manga) Tough Chapter 04:
Gender Male
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Fighting Style Boxing/Wrestling
Family Kenzo (Brother)
Kengo is a fictional character from manga series of Tough.




Kengo fought Kichi in the main even of the Dark Fights. Despite being a sex maniac who can’t go a day without a woman Kengo agreed to spend the week before hand without sex not even masturbating. He did this in order to bring the worst out of him starving himself like a fighting pit-bull. And as nothing more than a beast fueled entirely by fighting instinct he entered the ring

Kengo proved to be no match for Kichi however. The fight ended when his jaw was dislocated after two punches causing the referee to stop the fight. When tried to keep fighting Kichi gave him one more punch putting his jaw back in place shocking his brain in the process


The “Sex Machine Guns” are able to have sex for 48 straight hours without sleeping or eating. The passions they have during sex and while fighting are closely related.

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