“Train yourself for a thousand days and perfect yourself for the next ten thousand”

Musashi Miyamoto

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Kenjutsukan it is a school that looks to find an iron physique pushed to its paroxysm. It’s a legend of our time, the “One Hit Kill”.

However, the fact that it’s training was intolerantly severe, it was perceived as a dangerous association and never could make its appearance before the karate scene. It’s said of this technique that it possesses the destructive power capable of turning stone into dust.

Overview Edit

The purpose of the Kenjutsukan is to give and take huge amounts of damage, using the powerful muscles of a highly trained body, using both arms and legs. Speed is not as important as stamina and strength, although it does play a role. If the opponent uses a shield destroy the shield, all your strength must be focused into each strike.

Kenjutsukan karate doesn’t only destroy the body it also breaks the spirit. The fist doesn’t just land it transpires and always with the intention of killing the opponent. Its aim is to demolish the opponent until he’s been completely annihilated and never show an ounce of mercy or compassion even if they beg for their life never spare them.

Masters of this style are incredibly rare due to the intolerantly severe training it subjects it’s practitioners to. Kenjutsukan practitioners spend nearly all their times refining attacks and learning to take hits. One user can literally go through dozens of punching bags and training poles, hitting the training equipment numerous times with feet, fists, and hands. As the practitioner grows in strength, he or she “advances” higher in terms of training equipment, using trees and even stone for practice. Provoking a practitioner of Kenjutsukan is nothing short of committing suicide.

Kenjutsukan exercises aren’t limited to just the fist and feet. The Kenjustukan searches to even harden parts like the face. Among other things, an infernal series of Makiwara-Bats right to the face. Only those who have surmounted the fear felt by the violent pain deserve to have the title of human weapon.

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