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Kenshi Kaneshiro
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Nickname Phantom Joe, Jouichirou Kusakabe
Origin Japan
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Debut (Manga) Tough Chapter 302:
Gender Male
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Fighting Style Yugen Shinkage Ryu
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Kenshi Kaneshiro is the last disciple of Jouichirou Kusakabe and the current master of Yugen Shinkage Ryu’s strongest technique.


Kenshi Kaneshiro was truly devoted to his master Jouichirou Kusakabe seeing Yugen Shinkage Ryu as the one true art, because of this he blames Son-O for his master’s death and the fact that he couldn’t finish his training as he died shortly after training Son-O. To that end Kenshi took the name of his master to make sure that the name Kasukabe Joichiro is known as the master of the true Shinkage Ryu. All Kenshi cared about is the resurrection of the Yugen Shinkage Ryu name to accomplish this he set about annihilating the Nadashinkageryu.

Unlike Kenshi Kaneshiro Phantom Joe isn’t something you could call a human anymore. He is more like a beast in human form whose strength is no longer of the human realm. Those who stand before him, need be as vicious or more so as he punishes those he defeats by ripping off all of their limbs with his bear hands.




Kenshi Kaneshiro was a disciple of Jouichirou Kusakabe when Son-O came to train with him. After his master's death Kenshi began using his name and set about trying to destroy the Nadashinkageryu as he blamed Son-O for his master’s death. Going by the alias "Phantom Joe", he would decimate any opponent he came across ripping off their limbs became his calling card. Mikogami Tomioko was one such victim.

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Joe went to the Monster Wars Tournament to see the match between Kichi and Shiyachi Yamajuzou however he left before the match to fight Kiryuu. Kiryu impressed Joe with the fact that despite being outclassed he was able to draw his blood something that only a few have accomplished. After defeating Kiryu he attempted to commence with his punishment but was stopped by Seiko allowing Kichi to take Kiryu to the hospital. Joe was excited upon seeing Seiko as he had been excitingly waiting for a chance to fight him as well. Unfortunately Mokigami’s men rushed the room so postponing their fight for later.

Phantom Joe’s next target was Son-O himself and the two met at the Yugen Shinkage Ryu dojo. Joe quickly gained the upper hand even bragging over the fact that he had already killed Kiryu. However Son-O informed him that while he was fast he wasn’t yet strong enough to kill his brother and that the only reason Kiryu lost to was to learn and copy Joe’s with his own body. The match turned around to Son-O’s favor once he started using the techniques of the Nadashinkageryu. Seeing the extent of Son-O’s strength and skill Joe realized that he wasn’t yet strong enough and tried to escape. However Son-O refused to allow that to happen.  After his defeat Kiryu destroyed the Yugen Shinkage Ryu dojo in front of his eyes. He was then given over to Mikogami who was seconds away from killing him until he was saved Weasel of Kanzan.


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As a student of Yugen Shinkage Ryu Phantom Joe is shown not only to be quicker than Kiryu but able to easily defeat him as well. Although, his loss was later claimed only to be done to learn the Yugen style. He also proved to be able to hold his own against Son-O when he is not using the Nagashinkage. All Joe cared about is the resurrection of his schools name. He has trained extensively to the point where his hands can cut clear through bone. His hits are also strong enough to not only break his opponent’s rib cage, but force them to poke outside of their shirt. The amount of sacrifices that went into making this punch is be beyond comprehension. Joe has also proven to be a sadistic fighter more than a few lives have been forfeited in perfecting his skill with him forcing his victims to watch as he rips off their limbs. Kenshi’s main offensive technique is the Gentotsu, however unlike his master who was able to hit someone even while holding his hands folded in the back, he has to channel it through a physical strike which he does using a variation of the Mirage punch that involves stepping forward, slipping past an opponent's side, and then moving behind them in order to strike. The proximity of the after-image is such that it both appears and feels as if he has slipped through his opponent's body.