Kiba’s Mother
Koukou tekken-den tough v014p108-109
木場の母, Kiba no haha
Nickname n/a
Origin Japan
Debut (Anime) n/a
Debut (Manga) Spirit of Creativity
Gender Female
Age Deceased
Voice n/a
Fighting Style n/a
Family Seiji Kiba (Son)
Katsuichiro Kiba (Grandson)

Kiba's Mother (木場の母, Kiba no haha) is a fictional character from the manga series of Koukou Tekkenden Tough.




Koukou Tekkenden ToughEdit


Kiba’s mother was the mistress of the late Daido Rikiyama when she went to try to pay her respects at his funeral she and her son were kicked out due to the scandal her appearance would cause. Later that night she tried to commit double suicide with her son. Even tough he escaped she still slit her throat and was found the next morning dead in a pool of her own blood


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