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Kiichi Miyazawa
宮沢熹一, Miyazawa Kiichi
みやざわ きいち
Nickname Kiibou/Keybo
Origin Kobe, Japan
Debut (Anime) OVA 1
Debut (Manga) Becoming a Star
Gender Male
Age 19
Voice Mitsuo Iwata (Japanese)
Michael Sinterniklaas (English)
Fighting Style Nadashinkage-ryuu
Nada Shin Shinkage-ryuu
Family Kakugo Kasukabe (Biological Father)
Kie Miyazawa (Biological Mother)
Seiko Miyazawa (Adoptive Father)
Kiryuu Miyazawa (Adoptive Uncle)
Sonou Miyazawa (Adoptive Uncle)
Ryusei Nagaoka (Adoptive Nephew)
People who only fight when they're sure that they'll win only know how to pick on a weak.

– Kiichi during his fight with Kanou.

Kiichi Miyazawa (宮沢熹一, Miyazawa Kiichi), also known as Kiibou/Keybo (キー坊, Kībō), is the main protagonist of the series Koukou Tekkenden Tough and it's sequel, Tough. He is the 15th and current headmaster of Nadashinkage-ryuu as well as the creator of Nada Shin Shinkage-ryuu.


Kiichi Miyazawa is a laid-back person who enjoys a good fight, so much so that he actually enjoys any dangerous situation as it gets his heart racing.[1] Kiichi's also very heroic as he was willing to take the fall for a person that he didn't he even like in order to protect him.[2]

Kiichi is also very simple-minded as he often does very strange things without thinking, such as dropping and destroying a car just to get to a girl.[3]

Kiichi has shown to be very arrogant of his own skills as a fighter, developing a very swelled head after his victory over Kouji Funada, claiming that he was a "fighting god" and that he could take on anyone. Nevertheless, he is hardworking, determined and obsessed with getting stronger to face stronger opponents.


His stat's during of Koukou Tekkenden Tough series were: blood Type: O, height: 172.0cm, weight: 60.5kg, bust: 90.0cm, arm: L.40cm R.40cm, reach: L.59cm R.60cm, waist: 68.5cm, hip: 72.0cm, leg: 84.5cm, foot: 26.0cm, eyesight: L.2.0 R.2.0.

Kiichi, as a highschooler, is always seen wearing the same casual attire of a white, long sleeved shirt and blue jeans. He also has short, spiky blonde hair and a tanned complexion.

By the time of his fight with Jet, Kiichi weighed 75kg and stood at 175cm.


Koukou Tekkenden Tough[]

Introductory Arc[]

Kiichi is first seen beating up members of the Shimakin gang, very easily.[4] He then goes to school where he is warned by his friend Moriyan about Shimakin himself, wanting to avenge his name.[5] Then Kiichi met with Ishige, after being stalked by him, and decided to befriend him finding some common ground with him, through his liking of martial arts. Kiichi finds Ishige getting beaten up, and helps him, and then gets mad at him for being weak. Ishige stumbled off, finding Shimakin and his gang waiting for him, wanting to interrogate him of Kiichi whereabouts. Kiichi hears about Ishige's current predicament, from two of his classmates, and goes out to look for him. He finds Ishige, beaten to near death, at Shimakin's gang hideout, finding both Shimakin and his entire gang as well. Kiichi challenges Shimakin to a fight, to which Shimakin agrees telling no one to intervene as this was his fight.

Kiichi punching Shimakin.

The fight begins as Shimakin charges at Kiichi with his enormous girth. Kiichi is able to land a punch to the mid section of Shimakin, but to no avail, as a beaten Ishige tells Kiichi that Shimakin is all muscle under his enormity. With this Shimakin is able to hit Kiichi with a punch to the face, slaming him against the wall, as well as causing his nose to bleed. Kiichi thought of himself as too nice, as he does not go all out, without receiving the first blow. Shimakin however does not believe in his words and charged at him, throwing a punch in the process. Kiichi, however, is able to block it, and is able to break his wrist in the process, as you can not train your joints to become more durable, shocking everyone in the area. Kiichi then proceeds to break Shimakin's arm ultimately causing Shimakin to give up as Kiichi was far too strong.[6] Kiichi rescues Ishige from being beaten any further by Shimakin and his gang, and Ishige realizes that Kiichi does practice some form of martial arts, but he is not sure what. Kiichi and Ishige then become closer as friends, as Ishige has seen once again how powerful Kiichi is, and Kiichi had seen Ishige's gumption as he never turned out his friend in order to save his own life.

Kiichi then gets in the middle of a fight between Moriyan and Jiro, and ends up getting hit in the face.[7] Kiichi, while making Ishige look tough, is then confronted by the Osome brothers who believe he was the one who told on them, to which he accepts the blame in order to keep Jiro safe. The Osome brothers then decide to kill Kiichi.

The Osome brother attacking Kiichi.

The bigger Osome brother sneaks up behind Kiichi, and uses a cinderblock to smash on the top of Kiichi's head. This, however proves ineffective as Kiichi's head just seemed to break through it, without leaving any damage to him. Kiichi then grabs a shocked Osome brother, by the throat and slams him on the ground knocking him out. The other Osome Brother then pulls out a pocket knife, knowing that he would not be able to take on Kiichi in a fair fight. The Brother then charges, while his knife is in his hand, and is able to cut Kiichi on his cheek causing him to bleed. Kiichi however is not scared, and actually mocks the brother causing him to get even angrier. The brother then charges against him again, only this time Kiichi kicks him in the leg, causing his leg to break, and causing the brother to fall into the sea, giving Kiichi the win.[8][9] Kiichi walks over to Jiro and confronts him about his lying, on him to protect himself. Jiro apologizes, but unneeded as Kiichi in turn actually thanks him for his lie, as Kiichi was able to have a lot of fun, fighting against the two brothers.

The True Inheritor Arc[]

Kiichi is next seen finding and destroying bikes the people who tagged his house.[10] He then sees a biker, who destroys a truck in under five minutes, much to Kiichi enthusiasm.[11]

Kiichi is then smitten as he sees a beautiful girl, who is able to beat up three girls herself, and the introduces herself as Takako Kawashima. The biker then comes and shows that he knows of Kiichi and his fighting style, Nadashinkage, the Art of Life and Death.[12] The biker then introduces himself as Mitsuhide Kuroda. Kiichi and Mitsuhide shake each others hand, which had initially appeared to see who was stronger, but in actuality it was to see who could get the first off the other. Kiichi then gets ready to fight with Mistuhide, throwing some punches which Mitsuhide was able to easily dodge, but is stopped by Takako who leaves with Mitsuhide. Kiichi and Mitsuhide then look at their own hands, finding that both of them had left a mark on each other. Kiichi reveals that he has her student identification, which he plans to use to talk with her again.[13]

Kiichi then trains with his father Seiko Miyazawa, who is far better at his own style the he is, and teaches Kiichi the Nadashinkage's true meaning, in it being called the art of life and death, as he stops Kiichi's heart, and then restarts it with the same technique making Kiichi more fired up for his match against Mitsuhide.[14]

Kiichi is next seen visiting Takkako, to give back her student identification card, which he found. Kiichi and Takkako then go to a place to be alone, where Takkako tells Kiichi why he shouldn't fight him. She tells him the story of how Mitsuhide had accidentally killed Masakazu Naruse in one of their matches and it might end up happening to him if he didn't stop his want to fight Mitsuhide.[15] Kiichi however does not care and wants to fight him, at full force, now more then ever as he knows how strong his opponent is.[16]

Mitsuhide is seen at the grave site of Masakazu Naruse, and tries to pray, but is interrupted by Kiichi looking for a fight.[17] Mitsuhide however refuses as he did not want to harm another human being again, but Kiichi is able to convince Mitsuhide by putting him in a position to use the same move he used on Masakazu, that had accidentally killed him. Mitsuhide agrees to Kiichi proposal to a fight, and warns him that he has also studied Nadashinkage-ryuu.[18]

Kiichi attacking Mitsuhide Kuroda.

Kiichi begins the fight, by throwing the first punch, using a sneak attack, and continues to punch Mitsuhide, who is able to block each one. Kiichi then tries to break Mitsuhide's leg bone and then tries to uppercut Mitsuhide, but Mitsuhide is able to block the attack, and is then able to kick Kiichi in the arm, causing him to fall. Kiichi however does not give up, and rushes Mitsuhide, but Mitsuhide is easily able to read his movements and is able to kick his hand on to a tree. Mitsuhide then hits Kiichi, in the head using his palm, causing Kiichi to crash into a tombstone. Kiichi continues to try and rush Mitsuhide, forcing Mitsuhide to use his Hashin Shou, causing Kiichi to fall. Mitsuhide's Hashin Shou, however, proves to be ineffective against Kiichi, who had been hit by his father's Hashin Shou, which is far stronger then Mitsuhide's.[19]

Kiichi is then able to take advantage and attack using the Fusen Kyaku, allowing him to take advantage and hit Mitsuhide all the way back, causing Mitsuhide to bleed even more.[20] This eventually awakens the demon within Mitsuhide.[21] He had stood up, and rushed Kiichi, with far more ferociousness able to kick him in the head. Kiichi is then knocked back into a tombstone, and before he is able to react Mitsuhide punches Kiichi in the face, throwing him into another tombstone. Kiichi is able to get out of the way, of Mitsuhide's final kick, and tries to hit Mitsuhide, but Mitsuhide is able to block it and hits him in the face. Kiichi stumbles and accidentally rips Mitsuhide's shirt, showing how much muscle mass he has, showing why he is called Asura. Kiichi gets back up, not showing fear but excitement for the fight he is having against his opponent. Mitsuhide then jumps and kicks Kiichi in the face once again, causing Kiichi to fall back and realize that Mitsuhide's actual fighting style in the Nadashinyou-ryuu, a style similar to his. Kiichi, after hearing Mitsuhide's explaination of the Nadashinyou, tries to rush him, but Mitsuhide proves too much again, as he is able to punch and kick Kiichi again, and nearly ends it by almost hitting Kiichi in the face, but before he can Takkako stops him. Takkako begs him to stop the fight, but Kiichi answers instead of Mitsuhide telling her to never interrupt a man's fight. Kiichi then explains to Mitsuhide that he hadn't noticed that his own hits were all off by a hair, causing them to be not as effective as they should have been. Mitsuhide surprised by Kiichi's ability, tries to hit Kiichi once again, but Kiichi is able to lock him in a standing submission. Kiichi then proceeds to do the Nadashinkage style, Ryuu Zanshuraku, suplexing Mitsuhide to the concrete. Mitsuhide however does not give in, and gets up once again. Kiichi then uses Hashin Shou on Mitsuhide causing his heart to stop, and him hitting the ground, finally stopping Asura, giving Kiichi the win.

Kiichi however is able to bring him back to life, claiming that he has been exercised, and also sees how much Takako, loves Mitsuhide. He then gives him the ban-aid that was given to him by Takako. Kiichi then tells Mitsuhide that the pain of his past had been relieved from him, and Mitsuhide thanks him. Kiichi leaves becoming good friends with Mitsuhide and Takako, although he has yet to get over his love for Takako.

Deadly Physique Arc[]

Kiichi and Gouji Kanou first meet outside, at a restaurant. Kiichi then watches tv with his grandfather and sees Gouji on there, participating and winning a competition fairly easily, as well as being very humble about it. Seiko then tells Kiichi that Gouji is the ideal constitution as a fighter, as well as having strong internal organs.

Kiichi kicking Gouji.

Kiichi then decides to go to Gouji's school, wanting to prove himself against Gouji. He spots Gouji and decides to follow him. Kiichi eventually confronts Gouji, after Gouji had nearly caused harm to a person who could no longer defend himself, angering Kiichi in the process. Kiichi then prompts Gouji into a fight who initially refuses, but after Kiichi kicks Guoji in the face, causing him to bleed and take Kiichi seriously, with Moriyan and Ishige witnessing. Kiichi and Gouji then got to a remote location, near the docks. Kiichi not taking Judo seriously, as he believed his technique was superior being technique to kill, while Gouji is confident that his Judo would overcome Kiichi's little body. Kiichi rushes at Gouji and is able to dodge Gouji's grasps. He then hits Gouji's leg, he continues to dodge Gouji's grasp and hitting his leg, until Gouji stumbles, which is where Kiichi takes advantage and uppercuts Gouji, on the chin. This was supposed to cause a massive injury, but Gouji is able to take the hit without much effort, do to his physique.

Gouji then takes the opportunity, and rushes at Kiichi. Kiichi tries to stop Gouji, with a punch to the face, but proves fruitless as Gouji is able to grab Kiichi by the collar. Kiichi continues punching Gouji in the face, but to no avail as Gouji begins to throw Kiichi to the concrete. Kiichi is, however able to avoid a fatal injury, by balancing himself with his feet, and hits Gouji in the face causing him to stumble, getting out of his grasp and causing him to bleed through the nose. Kiichi then rushes at Gouji, and tries to apply the same technique he applied earlier, dodging and kicking in the legs, but Gouji is able to grab him being used to Kiichi's moves. Gouji this time is able to throw Kiichi on the ground, destroying Kiichi ribs in the process, causing Kiichi to bleed from his mouth. Gouji tells Kiichi that Judo was meant for killing, as stated by the father of Judo, Jigoro Kano, as he once again tries to slam Kiichi to the ground, but Kiichi is able to react quickly enough and is able to break Gouji finger, causing Gouji's throw to be messed up. Gouji had become angered at this, and had nearly gone berserk, but the police showed up, effectively ending the fight. Gouji hides his face, from the police and jumps in to the water before his identity is revealed. Kiichi and his friends also escape to the sea. When they reach land they meet a beautiful woman who had been with Gouji intimately, named Rika Tachibana.

Rika tells Kiichi the difference between him and Gouji, stating that Gouji was like a predator during a fight not showing any mercy for his opponents. She then tells Kiichi that she wants him to get strong, so he could be Gouji. Kiichi is then seen at his house, unable to eat, as he was able to before the fight with Gouji, actually throwing up when eating. Kiichi is then seen training with his father, and his father examines him, stating that Gouji had hit his "chuin", and tells Kiichi that he had lost, as Gouji would have killed him. Seiko also tells him that the one who wins the fight will be the one who doesn't have mercy.

Kiichi then remembers, while at a restraint with his friends, what his dad had said during his training, explaining to Kiichi, that his pain in his chest, was caused by Gouji, and that because of the shot to the middle of the rib cage, would kill Kiichi in three years. Kiichi is then goaded into a fight with Gouji, by Gouji himself, with Gouji revealing that his finger was fixed.

Kiichi then drops unconscious, while with his friends, causing him to go to the hospital. His dad, then carries him to his house, and treats the wound, so it wouldn't hurt so badly. Kiichi then learns that his Hashin Shou, is not proficient enough to use in an actual fight, to which Seiko show Kiichi a secret technique of Nadashinkage-ryuu, Bosatsuken.

Kiichi is next seen training at the waterfall, trying to master Bosatsuken, he is however unsuccessful even with Mitsuhide's help, until a car comes crashing at him, where he is able to use Bosatsuken for the first time. Kiichi then goes to the football field, to meet Gouji for their fight. Kiichi was overpowered for most of the time, but Kiichi was able to defeat Gouji by going through fasting and reaching the state of conscience unleashing the Bosatsuken twice on him. Kiichi then shakes Gouji's hand for fighting fairly against him, and also finds out that Rika wanted him to beat Gouji to make him a bit more humble, to which Kiichi tells Rika that she should have been more honest with Gouji.

Kiichi is then seen walking with his dad, wanting his respect, and although he does not get it Seiko does give him the ability to eat again, as a reward for beating Gouji in their fight, using the Bosatsuken.

Fear of the Wrestlers[]

Kiichi is then seen with his father at a dinner, eating ramen, when their meal is interrupted by Fujita's actions, and Seiko stopping him from hitting another man with a brick. Kiichi then runs away with Seiko, after Seiko had broken Fujita's arm. They are then greeted by the man Kouji Funada, who wants to fight Seiko, but Kiichi steps in wanting to fight Funada himself. Before they can start their fight Iron Kiba comes in, Kiichi learns about Kiba and Seiko's history together, and then gets ready to fight Funada. Kiichi fights with Funada and is surprised at how resilient Funada had proven to be, even after Kiichi had split his head wide open after hitting his head to the ground as well as when his fingers were split in half, when Funada had tried to gouge out his eyes, and still wanted to keep fighting. Even more surprising to him was when Funada was able to keep going, even after having his head slam through a glass window and breaking soda machine. Funada had even tried to hit Kiichi with the very same soda machine, but before that could happen, the match ended with Seiko knocking out Funada, knowing that the match would become a death match if it continued any longer. Kiichi had then confronted Kiba, after Kiba had treated Funada like trash after loosing to Kiichi but was rendered helpless to his massive grip. Kiichi was able to get out of his grip and was even able to agree to his Kiba's challenge of a fight between his wrestling and the Nadashinkage-ryuu.

Kiichi was then seen, on a magazine with it being that Kiichi had defeated Funada, which was a big deal as Funada was professional wrestler who was beaten by a highschooler. Seiko warns Kiichi to stay away from the wrestlers. Kiichi had tried to prove himself by blocking Seiko's attack but was already hit by Seiko's palm to the face before he even began his kick, surprising Kiichi at how fast he is.

Kiichi enjoyed the popularity, while he was at school, and was soon talked to by a beautiful girl. She dragged him away from his friends and Kiichi found himself in a warehouse, where an elderly man shows himself.

Kiichi was then challenged to a fight, against the man, which he agreed and he had gotten into the ring with the man. He found himself soon outmatched by the elderly man, who was able to pull off complex submission moves in a blink of an eye. Kiichi, however, was able to reverse it and use the Nadashinkage-ryuu Python Hold. The old was able to break free and use a sickle hold but Kiichi was able to use the Giant Octopus Lock on him which gave him the win.

Kiichi while practicing was looked at by his father, who deduced that Kiichi not only fought against a wrestler, when he was told not to but also fought against Heizou Onikawa aka "The Destroyer". Kiichi told Seiko that he was able to defeat him but Seiko corrected and told Kiichi that if Heizou wanted to, he could have actually killed at anytime if Heizou wanted to, shocking Kiichi.

Kiichi decided to visit Heizou but upon arrival he had found Heizou knocked out on the street having been strangled and having his arm broken. Kiichi had decided to run Heizou quickly to the hospital for treatment.

While at the hospital Kiichi asked who did this to him and Heizou told him that it was Kiyomasa Samon. Heizou told him not to challenge him as he could not beat him. Heizou wenta as far as showing Kiichi a tape, which showed how deadly Samon could be, as he had used the illegal technique Hell Drop, destroying Parry Smith and defeating two armed guards. This however only proved to make Kiichi even more excited about facing Samon, and had went off to train.


Kiibo possesses a genetic condition, known in the martial arts community as the Monster Foot (Japanese: 玄腿(モンスター・フット), Monsutā Futto), which he inherited from his father, Kakugo Kasukabe. The Monster Foot causes unusually quick growth of the subject's leg tendons and muscles, essentially manifesting the same physical characteristics as the Tiger Foot, Dragon Foot, and Falcon Foot.


Debuted in Koukou Tekkenden Tough:

Debuted in Tough:


  • His name probably comes from Kiichi Miyazawa, a Japanese politician who served as Prime Minister of Japan.
  • He weighed 863 grams when he was born.
  • Kiichi overcame a case of jaundice at a young age. Presumably, when he was a baby.


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