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Kiichi Miyazawa vs Goji Kano (1)
Kiichi Miyazawa vs Goji Kano (1)
Result Interrupted
Kiichi Miyazawa Goji Kano
Martial Art Styles
Nadashinkage-ryu Judo
None None
Damage Sustained/Casualties
Heavily injured Small injury

Kiichi Miyazawa vs Goji Kano (1)' is a fight between Kiichi and Goji, near the docks of a remote location.


Kiichi jealous of Goji

Kiichi and Goji first meet outside, at a restaurant. Kiichi then watches tv with his grandfather and sees Goji on there, participating and winning a competition fairly easily, as well as being very humble about it. Seiko then tells Kiichi that Goji is the ideal constitution as a fighter, as well as having strong internal organs.

Kiichi kicks Goji

Kiichi then decides to go to Goji's school, wanting to prove himself against Goji. He spots Goji and decides to follow him. Kiichi eventually confronts Goji, after Goji had nearly caused harm to a person who could no longer defend himself, angering Kiichi in the process. Kiichi then prompts Goji into a fight who initially refuses, but after Kiichi kicks Goji in the face, causing him to bleed and take Kiichi seriously.

Kiichi and Goji then got to a remote location, near the docks. Kiichi not taking Judo seriously, as he believed his technique was superior being technique to kill, while Goji is confident that his Judo would overcome Kiichi little body.


Goji unaffected by Kiichi's punch

Kiichi rushes at Goji and is able to dodge Goji's grasps. He then hits Goji's leg, he continues to dodge Goji's grasp and hitting his leg, until Goji stumbles, which is where Kiichi takes advantage and uppercuts Goji, on the chin. This was supposed to cause a massive injury, but Goji is able to take the hit without much effort, do to his physique.

Goji then takes the opportunity, and rushes at Kiichi. Kiichi tries to stop Goji, with a punch to the face, but proves fruitless as Goji is able to grab Kiichi by the collar. Kiichi continues punching Goji in the face, but to no avail as Goji begins to throw Kiichi to the concrete. Kiichi is, however able to avoid a fatal injury, by balancing himself with his feet, and hits Goji in the face causing him to stumble, getting out of his grasp and causing him to bleed through the nose.

Kiichi then rushes at Goji, and tries to apply the same technique he applied earlier, dodging and kicking in the legs, but Goji is able to grab him being used to Kiichi's moves. Goji this time is able to throw Kiichi on the ground, destroying Kiichi ribs in the process, causing Kiichi to bleed from his mouth.

Goji's angered at his broken finger

Goji tells Kiichi that Judo was meant for killing, as stated by the father of Judo, Jigoro Kano, as he once again tries to slam Kiichi to the ground, but Kiichi is able to react quickly enough and is able to break Goji finger, causing Goji's throw to be messed up. Goji had become angered at this, and had nearly gone berserk, but the police showed up, effectively ending the fight.


Goji ready to fight again

Goji hides his face, from the police and jumps in to the water before his identity is revealed. Kiichi and his friends also escape to the sea. When they reach land they meet a beautiful woman who had been with Goji intimately, named Rika Tachibana.

Rika tells Kiichi the difference between him and Goji, stating that Goji was like a predator during a fight not showing any mercy for his opponents. She then tells Kiichi that she wants him to get strong, so he could be Goji.

Kiichi is then seen at his house, unable to eat, as he was able to before the fight with Goji, actually throwing up when eating. Kiichi is then seen training with his father, and his father examines him, stating that Goji had hit his chuin, and tells Kiichi that he had lost, as Goji would have killed him. Seiko also tells him that the one who wins the fight will be the one who doesn't have mercy. During that time Goji is seen slamming, quite his fellow dojo members, causing them to bleed, wanting to face Kiichi once again, even with a broken finger.

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