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Kiichi Miyazawa vs Mitsuhide Kuroda
Kiichi Miyazawa vs Mitsuhide Kuroda
Result Kiichi is Victorious
Kiichi Miyazawa Mitsuhide Kuroda
Martial Art Styles
Nadashinkage-ryu Nadashinyo
Fusen Kyaku
Hashin sho
Hashin sho
Damage Sustained/Casualties
Mildly injured Heavily injured

Kiichi Miyazawa vs Mitsuhide Kuroda is a fight between Kiichi Miyazawa and Mitsuhide Kuroda, to find out who is stronger between the two.


Mitsuhide first shows up, and impresses Kiichi, by showing his strength, as he had destroyed a truck with little effort, and did so in less then ten minutes, turning it to little more then scrap heap.

Kiichi and Mitsuhide shaking each others hand

Mitsuhide and Kiichi then meet up, after Kiichi breaks up a fight between Takkako and three other girls. Mitsuhide shows his knowledge of Kiichi and his fighting style, by knowing who Kiichi was and what his fighting style was, Nadashinkage-ryu, the art of life and death. Mitsuhide and Kiichi then shakes each others hand, to what seems to find out how strong each other were, but actually it was to find an opening. Kiichi takes the first swing, to try and get Mitsuhide off his guard, but Mitsuhide is able to dodge it, showing he is also very fast for his size. Before Kiichi could throw another punch however, Takkako interrupts the event. Takkako and Mitsuhide then leave with each other. Kiichi and Mitsuhide then look at their own hands, finding that both of them had left a mark on each other.

Kiichi looking to fight Mitsuhide

Kiichi trains with his father, Seiko, and Seiko teaches Kiichi the Nadashinkage's true meaning, in it being called the art of life and death, as he stops Kiichi's heart, and then restarts it with the same technique making Kiichi more fired up for his match against Mitsuhide.

Kiichi is next seen visiting Takkako, to give back her student identification card, which he found. Kiichi and Takkako then go to a place to be alone, where Takkako tells Kiichi why he shouldn't fight him. She tells him the story of how Mitsuhide had accidentally killed Masakazu Naruse in one of their matches and it might end up happening to him if he didn't stop his want to fight Mitsuhide. This however does not work, as it only serves to make Kiichi want to fight Mitsuhide even more.

Mitsuhide is seen at the grave site of Masakazu Naruse, and tries to pray, but is interrupted by Kiichi looking for a fight. Mitsuhide however refuses as he did not want to harm another human being again, but Kiichi is able to convince Mitsuhide by putting him in a position to use the same move he used on Masakazu, that had accidentally killed him. Mitsuhide agrees to Kiichi proposal to a fight, and warns him that he has also studied Nadashinkage-ryu.


Kiichi sneaks attacks Mitsuhide

Kiichi begins the fight, by throwing the first punch, using a sneak attack, and continues to punch Mitsuhide, who is able to block each one. Kiichi then tries to break Mitsuhide's leg bone and then tries to uppercut Mitsuhide, but Mitsuhide is able to block the attack, and is then able to kick Kiichi in the arm, causing him to fall.

Kiichi using Fusen Kyaku

Kiichi however does not give up, and rushes Mitsuhide, but Mitsuhide is easily able to read his movements and is able to kick his hand on to a tree. Mitsuhide then hits Kiichi, in the head using his palm, causing Kiichi to crash into a tombstone. Kiichi continues to try and rush Mitsuhide, forcing Mitsuhide to use his Hashin sho, causing Kiichi to fall. Mitsuhide's Hashin show, however, proves to be ineffective against Kiichi, who had been hit by his father's Hashin sho, which is far stronger then Mitsuhide's. Kiichi is then rushes Mitsuhide. Mitsuhide tries to hit Kiichi, but Kiichi is able to dodge it and land, The Fusen Kyaku, Mitsuhide causing him to bleed from his head. Kiichi then takes the opportunity, as Mitsuhide stumble forward, and rushes him, successfully kicking Mitsuhide in the mouth, causing him to fall backwards.

Mitsuhide the Asura

Mitsuhide, having been pushed to the limit, had lost all sense of mercy for Kiichi, as he had stood up, and rushed Kiichi, with far more ferociousness able to kick him in the head. Kiichi is then knocked back into a tombstone, and before he is able to react Mitsuhide punches Kiichi in the face, throwing him into another tombstone. Kiichi is able to get out of the way, of Mitsuhide's final kick, and tries to hit Mitsuhide, but Mitsuhide is able to block it and hits him in the face. Kiichi stumbles and accidentally rips Mitsuhide's shirt, showing how much muscle mass he has, showing why he is called Asura.

Kiichi gets back up, not showing fear but excitement for the fight he is having against his opponent. Mitsuhide then jumps and kicks Kiichi in the face once again, causing Kiichi to fall back and realize that Mitsuhide's actual fighting style in the Nadashinyo, a style similar to his. Kiichi, after hearing Mitsuhide's explaination of the Nadashinyo, tries to rush him, but Mitsuhide proves too much again, as he is able to punch and kick Kiichi again, and nearly ends it by almost hitting Kiichi in the face, but before he can Takkako stops him. Takkako begs him to stop the fight, but Kiichi answers instead of Mitsuhide telling her to never interrupt a man's fight.

Kiichi uses Hashin sho on Mitsuhide

Kiichi then explains to Mitsuhide that he hadn't noticed that his own hits were all off by a hair, causing them to be not as effective as they should have been. Mitsuhide surprised by Kiichi's ability, tries to hit Kiichi once again, but Kiichi is able to lock him in a standing submission. Kiichi then proceeds to do the Nadashinkage style, Ryouzanshuraku, suplexing Mitsuhide to the concrete. Mitsuhide however does not give in, and gets up once again. Kiichi then uses Shinyaku on Mitsuhide causing his heart to stop, and him hitting the ground, finally stopping Asura, giving Kiichi the win.


Kiichi tells Mitsuhide the pain in his heart is relieved

Kiichi celebrates his victory, but his friend Moriyan, yells at him to help Mitsuhide out. Kiichi tries to do what his dad did, when he had stopped Kiichi's heart, but to no avail. Kiichi then uses CPR, on Mitsuhide no worried about Mitsuhide's condition, able to eventually get Mitsuhide's heart beating again. Kiichi then sees Mitsuhide and Takkako's relationship, seeing that they were both in love with each other. Kiichi then gives Mitsuhide the Band-Aid that Takkako had given him, telling Mitsuhide that it was for good luck. Kiichi then tells Mitsuhide that the pain of his past had been relieved from him, and Mitsuhide thanks him. Kiichi then leaves with his friends, after telling Takkako what his dad told him. Kiichi is then seen walking with his friends, still not over his crush of Takkako.

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