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Kiichi Miyazawa vs Osome Brothers
Kiichi vs Osome Brothers
Result Kiichi Miyazawa wins
Kiichi Miyazawa Osome brothers
Martial Art Styles
Nadashinkageryu None
None None
Damage Sustained/Casualties
None Heavily Injured

Kiichi Miyazawa vs Osome Brothers, is a two on one fight with Kiichi going against the troublesome Osome Brothers.


Kiichi helps Jiro out

Jiro had outted the Osome brothers for selling illegal drugs, and had caused them to be jailed. Jiro was then confronted by the Osome brothers, at a coffee shop, who suspected him of being the cause of their capture. Jiro had denied the acusations, and stated that it was instead Kiichi that had done it.

The Osome brothers then drive to Moriyan's father's barber shop, and confronted Kiichi on weather or not, Jiro's information was true. Kiichi seeing how badly The Osome Brothers had beaten him and knowing they would probably kill him, takes the blame. The Osome Brothers then decide to kill Kiichi.


The Osome brother sneak attack

The bigger Osome brother sneaks up behind Kiichi, and uses a cinderblock to smash on the top of Kiichi's head. This, however proves ineffective as Kiichi's head just seemed to break through it, without leaving any damage to him. Kiichi then grabs a shocked Osome brother, by the throat and slams him on the ground knocking him out.

Kiichi cut by a knife

The other Osome Brother then pulls out a pocket knife, knowing that he would not be able to take on Kiichi in a fair fight. The Brother then charges, while his knife is in his hand, and is able to cut Kiichi on his cheek causing him to bleed. Kiichi however is not scared, and actually mocks the brother causing him to get even angrier. The brother then charges against him again, only this time Kiichi kicks him in the leg, causing his leg to break, and causing the brother to fall into the sea, giving Kiichi the win.


Kiichi enjoyed the fight

Kiichi walks over to Jiro and confronts him about his lying, on him to protect himself. Jiro apologizes, but unneeded as Kiichi in turn actually thanks him for his lie, as Kiichi was able to have a lot of fun, fighting against the two brothers. Jiro then begins to cry with glee as he believed that Kiichi and him were friends.

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