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Kiichi Miyazawa vs Shimakin is a fight between two juveniles, one of which wants to avenge his gang's name, Shimakin, and one who is there to rescue his friend, Kiichi.[1][2]


Kiichi was attacked by two members of the Shimakin gang, and was able to beat them up quite easily.[3] Shimakin, who had just gotten out of juvenile hall, heard of his gang members failure and dealt with the two members who had failed by himself.[1] Kiichi met with Ishige, after being stalked by him, and decided to befriend him finding some common ground with him, through his liking of martial arts. Kiichi finds Ishige getting beaten up, and helps him, and then gets mad at him for being weak. Ishige stumbled off, finding Shimakin and his gang waiting for him, wanting to interrogate him of Kiichi whereabouts.[4]

Kiichi meets up with Shimakin

Kiichi hears about Ishige's current predicament, from two of his classmates, and goes out to look for him. He finds Ishige, beaten to near death, at Shimakin's gang hideout, finding both Shimakin and his entire gang as well. Kiichi challenges Shimakin to a fight, to which Shimakin agrees telling no one to intervene as this was his fight.[5]


Kiichi punches Shimakin but to no avail

Kiichi punches Shimakin

The fight begins as Shimakin charges at Kiichi with his enormous girth. Kiichi is able to land a punch to the mid section of Shimakin, but to no avail, as a beaten Ishige tells Kiichi that Shimakin is all muscle under his enormity. With this Shimakin is able to hit Kiichi with a punch to the face, slaming him against the wall, as well as causing his nose to bleed.[6]

Kiichi breaks shimakins wrist

Kiichi breaks Shimakin's wrist

Kiichi thought of himself as too nice, as he does not go all out, without receiving the first blow. Shimakin however does not believe in his words and charged at him, throwing a punch in the process. Kiichi, however, is able to block it, and is able to break his wrist in the process, as you can not train your joints to become more durable, shocking everyone in the area. Kiichi then proceeds to break Shimakin's arm ultimately causing Shimakin to give up as Kiichi was far too strong.[7]


Kiichi rescues Ishige from being beaten any further by Shimakin and his gang, and Ishige realizes that Kiichi does practice some form of martial arts, but he is not sure what. Kiichi and Ishige then become closer as friends, as Ishige has seen once again how powerful Kiichi is, and Kiichi had seen Ishige's gumption as he never turned out his friend in order to save his own life.[8]


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